Yoshiwara Paradise 吉原桃源郷 is the underground red-light district that forms the backdrop for 'The Blaze of Yoshiwara First Chapter 吉原炎上篇'. Kamui 神威 is the current overlord in charge of this place under the jurisdiction of the Harusame 春雨 group, after its predecessor Housen 鳳仙 was killed in Episode 146. Previously perpetually covered by roof due to the overlord being of Yato Tribe (and so having an aversion to sunlight), it is now open to the sky though the new overlord is of Yato blood too. In Episode 146 the new overlord was said to be totally indifferent to being the new overlord, and did not even station his men there, much less administer the district.


Known PeoplesEdit


Yoshiwara Paradise's GalleryEdit

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