Yorozuya (万事屋) is an outfit doing errands or odd-jobs for a fee, founded by Gintoki.


Yorozuya is an all do shop where they take any kind of jobs for a fee. It was founded by the main protagonist Sakata Gintoki, who, according to Katsura Kotarou in Episode 5, disappeared mysteriously after the Joui Wars. In Episode 138, it was explained that he used to have partners taking on the roles of the current Yorozuya members Shimura Shinpachi, Kagura and Sadaharu. Also, in Episode 164 it was shown that the old members went on to form their own Yorozuya and ended up doing a much better job than the real Yorozuya, albeit under "new leadership". Refer to Old Yorozuya and Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan for more details.

As of Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc, followed by Shige Shige's death, and Shinsengumi's recent disbandment, Yorozuya place has been compromised after Gintoki, whom had a past guilt of loosing his master by his own hand with the Shinsengumi almost began to share a same fate as the past Joui patriot was, punches the current and yet tyrannical Shogun, Nobu Nobu with a hidden rage, whereas Otose cover the members' whereabout.

The Name Yorozuya

Only Yorozuya (万事屋) appears on the namecard.

The full name as shown on the Yorozuya office signboard hanging above Otose Snack is Yorozuya Gin Chan (万事屋銀ちゃん), but displayed on Sakata Gintoki's namecard shown in Episode 3 is only Yorozuya (万事屋).

The name Yorozuya (万事屋) literally means 'house of 10,000 business'. The phrase is made up of:

  • 'yorozu' (万), whose literal meaning is 10,000, but is commonly used to mean 'myriad', 'various', 'many', 'everything', 'anything under the sky'.
  • (事) meaning 'matter', 'business'
  • ya (屋) meaning 'house/hut', 'shop'
  • The more commonly seen phrase is (万屋), which is defined as Jack-of-all-trades in WWWJDIC.
  • As mentioned by Kagura in Episode 164, the reading of the kanji phrase (万事屋) was originally banjiya, but Sakata Gintoki apparently coined the reading yorozuya. The regular kanji for yorozuya is actually (万屋).

(事) This symbol however can be translated as matter, thing or business. The best meaning for Gintoki's Yorozuya would be the first meaning stated above. "House of 10,000 business".



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Sakata Gintoki
坂田 銀時
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志村 新八
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