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Yasumami Sakashima (野洲真美 逆嶋 Yasūmami Sakashima) also know as Utsukushī burossamu (Beautiful Blossom), might be a new edition to Gin Tama. She is a female samurai with an unknown background, and very talented when it comes to technology, weapons and cooking.


Apparently, Sakashima will have long hair in which later gets cut due to a battle with a bunch of Ronin. And, gives her a certain edge. She has skin that is the colour of milk chocolate, and has eyes that are brown and when she's fighting her eyes turn a unique bluish - purple, she also likes pink/red lipstick.

She usually wears a sea - blue kimono with colour changing flowers and patterns and holds a uniqe Katana/Daito with a cherry blossom design on the blade.


For now the concept design shows that she's a Tsundere type of person. Later on she becomes a sweet and sometimes shy person. She never hesitates to cut down any enemies in her way, and trys to help as much as she can. Nearly every man falls in love her! She also has a crazy addiction with chocolate, candy and mayonnaise with ketchup???

However, she never gets along with Sarutobi, and always ends up in a fight with her. She also loves music and loves challenges.

Strength & AbilityEdit

She is very smart and very talented. She's also has a super - natural ability of healing herself no matter what. She also can cut anything with her sword (if she wanted to). She can run and fight with very high and intense speeds and has a weird habit of saying: "If only..."

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