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Wakikaoru mug
Japanese Name: 脇薫
Romanized Name: Waki Kaoru
English Name: Wakikaoru
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Shinobi 5
Occupations: Ninja
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Birthday: 12 Nov/Scorpio
Japanese VA: Arai Satomi
English VA:
Strong points:

Wakikaoru 脇薫 is a freelancer ninja currently working in the Shinobi 5 as a follower of Hattori Zenzou.


She also known as 弁財天の薫 benzaiten no kaoru, or the Ninja Academy Madonna, is a ninja and a member of the Shinobi 5, a mercenary ninja group for hire. [1]She is familiar with Zenzou, and attended his father's funeral.[2] She has been seen operating a flower shop into which Kagura (posing as a mini-Gintoki) crashed his scooter, damaging a flower-petal birthday present that was planned for Michiko, the wife of Wakikaoru's manager at another of her part-time jobs, the Kunoichi Café. [3]


  • Height = 165 cm
  • Weight = 46 kg

She has bright maroon colored hair and usually wears a black attire. She is a attractive looking woman and she tends to hold a rose in her hand most of the time.


As a ninja she has been seen using roses as a weapon (e.g. by using the polens to paralyze her opponents, and she can also throw them with such force that they become hard as kunai).


Much like Sarutobi Ayame, Wakikaoru is often childish and playful, eg. when the two of them were supposed to fight during the Ninja Battle in the Elizabeth Rescue chapters, but spent a long time just standing around talking trash to eachother.[4] However, she gets serious when it comes to work.


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