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Umibouzu is renowned as the most powerful alien-hunter or 'Alien Buster' in the universe. His real name is Kankou. Umibouzu, literally Galaxy (a sea of stars) Monk is a nickname given in honour of his fighting prowess. He is the father of older son Kamui and younger daughter Kagura. Kagura calls him Papi.


In his younger days, Umibouzu, refusing to accept Housen as King of the Night, he challenged him and they fought each other continuously for 3 days. The only reason they stopped fighting was because Umibouzu needed a toilet break, and no victor was declared.[1]

Umibouzu would settle down with his wife having two children, according to Kagura her mother had a shotgun wedding to Umibouzu.

Umibouzu left home after he nearly killed his own son, in order to distance himself from his family to avoid a repeat incident. The confrontation with his own son, who is aiming to be the strongest Yato, led him to lose an arm.[2]


Bald with a short, black moustache, Umibouzu has the distinctive pale skin color of members of the Yato clan. He used to have small patches of hair left on the sides, but eventually went completely bald after Kagura ripped one of his patches of hair off in a daze, believing it was sukonbu.[3]

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He is very sensitive about his 'baldness' and towards the phrase hage, which is Japanese for bald. He seems to be fairly renowned, and once starred in a supposedly planet-saving heroic deed, which turned out to be a hair-growth commercial. He is also extremely protective of Kagura, willing to kill everyone if she was harassed in Edo.

Strength & Abilities

Umibouzo possesses amazing natural and instinctive fighting abilities, and tremendous physical strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, flexibility, instincts, tactical analytical skills, endurance, longevity, vitality, and senses all of which surpass human capabilities. He is among the highest elite of the Yato, equal to Housen who once ruled over the Yato, and Umibouzo himself is considered the greatest sweeper in the universe. This goes to show that all of Umibouzo's abilities are far above those of his fellow Yato clansmen as only two people have the ability to fight with him, which are Housen and Kamui both of which are in a league of their own. Like all Yato males he has smooth fair skin, very well toned & lean body unhindered by age, and is "well-endowed".



  • Kagura: Umibouzu's biological daughter. Kagura was the reason why he left home. He was afraid that his Yato blood would someday overwhelm him and hurt his family. He is extremely protective of Kagura, coming to the point of forcing her to come back with him to their home planet. In the Umibouzu Arc, he tried to take her back home with him so that he could make it up to her and her mother for not making a warm nest for her when she was little. He cherishes Kagura and is considerate of her feelings, saying that he will wait for her to come home.
  • Kamui: His biological son. Kamui tried to kill him but failed (only managing to rip off his left arm). In a fit of rage, he almost killed Kamui but was stopped by Kagura. Since then he sees Kamui as his target and would not allow anyone to kill him before he does.


  • Housen: They fought each other at their youths, Umibouzu refused to bow down to Housen and fought 3 days. This fight was postponed due to Umibouzu needing to take a dump. Their fight has not been continued.


  • Sakata Gintoki: Gintoki and Umibozu both care for Kagura as a daughter and both became overprotective fathers after hearing that she had a boy friend. Umibozu originally thought Gintoki just wanted to take advantage of Kagura's Yato strength, but after seeing Gintoki fight for Kagura's life and his battle ability, he believed that Gintoki really cared for Kagura, thus leaving her in Gintoki's care.


Umibozu Arc

After learning that Kagura had left home and went to Earth, he tried to take her back. However, after reflecting and considering Kagura's feelings, he eventually let her stay on Earth with the Yorozuya.[4] They frequently exchange letters.

Yoshiwara in Flames Arc

After Housen's defeat during the aftermath of the Blaze of Yoshiwara chapter, Umibouzu and Gintoki visited Housen's grave. He told Gintoki that Kamui had obtained Yoshiwara so that other people couldn't lay a hand on it, and that in the end Yoshiwara was saved, but Gintoki might be killed.[5] He also questioned Gintoki's course of actions if he were to fight Kamui in front of Kagura.[6]

Santa Arc

Umibouzu once went to Earth dressed up as Santa after Kagura had sent him a letter in which she questioned if Santa disliked her or even existed at all. [7]


  • Kagura's nickname for him, Papi is likely to be 'inspired' by the Japanese mythological creature Umibouzu but with the kanji name 海坊主, a sea monster said to have a large round head like those of Buddhist monks. For more information on this mythological creature, refer to Wikipedia Link.
  • It's stated in chapter 419 that Umibouzu got a shotgun marriage with Kagura's mother.
  • According to Gintama (57), Umibouzu's real name is Kankou, and that his children both took the kanji 神 (read as kami) from his name. There is also an illustration of Kamui and Kagura tearing Umibouzu's hair out, which is a pun on the word kami. (Hair, or 髪, can also be read as kami.)

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