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Timeskip Arc is the 37th arc of the Gintama series. in this arc, after a one-week hiatus of the series, Shinpachi returned to the Yorozuya, only to find out that 2 years had passed and everyone had changed.


After the Gintama series ended its one-week hiatus, Shinpachi went back to work and found out that 2 years had passed, and everyone around him had changed drastically.

  • Gintoki had long hair and wore different clothes.

  • Kagura was beautiful with an adult's appearance.

  • Sadaharu had become a human.

  • Otose, Catherine and Tama had similar appearance to Sadaharu's.

  • Otae was married to Kondo and newly pregnant.

  • Shinpachi was offered a job in the Shinsengumi (thanks to Kondo.)

  • Katsura and Kyuubei had undergone a gender change.

  • Yamazaki had become the "Demon Vice-Commander Jimmy Yamazaki."

  • Hijikata was the Shinsengumi's gopher.

  • Okita was the Commander of the Shinsengumi.

  • Hasegawa became a singer-songwriter known as "MADAO".

As "the Emperor of the Holy Shinsengumi Empire," Okita planned to take down the Kabuki District, starting from kidnapping Shinpachi. He was initially led away by Hijikata but was freed later, as Hijikata was not affected from the timeskip at all. It was then announced that a parasitic, boil-like alien was responsible for the changes, turning their host into what they wanted with their two-year-later appearance, and that the parasite can only be stopped by hitting the host with a paper fan-like object.

After a chaotic struggle, everyone, including Hijikata and except Gintoki, was hit by Shinpachi with his paper fan. He was, in turn, hit by Gintoki, who stated that Shinpachi was infected too.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Shimura Shinpachi
  2. Sakata Gintoki
  3. Kagura
  4. Sadaharu (human form)
  5. Otose
  6. Tama
  7. Catherine
  8. Shimura Tae
  9. Kondo Isao
  10. Yagyuu Kyuubei
  11. Saigou Tokumori
  12. Katsura Kotarou (as "Zurako")
  13. Elizabeth
  14. Yamazaki Sagaru (as "Demon Vice-Commander Jimmy Yamazaki")
  15. Hijikata Toushirou
  16. Sougo Okita (as "Shinsengumi Kaiser Sougo Sadistic "S" III")
  17. Hasegawa Taizou (as "MADAO")


  • Gintoki is the only character who is not infected by the parasite.
  • This is a parody of one piece's timeskip, for example:
    • Luffy and Gin gained scar
    • Nami and Kagura become more sexualized
    • Sanji and Yamazaki both have Blonde hair and Cigarette.

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