This World is Yours is the tenth ending theme of the Gintama anime; it is performed by plingmin.This ending features Kagura.


Characters in order of appearance

Missing CD album cover image?
  • エンデイングテーマ Ending Theme - ED10: 「This world is Yours」 by Plingmin   Official Website
  • 作詞 Lyrics - 酒井俊輔 Sakai Shunsuke?
  • 作曲 Song-writer - プリングミン Plingmin
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - プリングミン Plingmin
  • Ki/oon Records



  • In Episode 118 this is ending of Ryugujo Arc.
  • In Episode 123 The gamer aliens' UFO shows up once at the end of the arc.
  • In Episode 129 Ginpachi-sensei answers a question from Sorachi Amachi Hideaki about how Kagura can run along the beach in the sunlight during the ending song when she is from the Yato Clan. Amachi says he draws manga and often forgets to draw the umbrella, but is this all right to do?


  1. Kanji lyrics from [1]
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