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Terakado Tsuu (寺門 通) is a newcomer pop idol singer. She is known affectionately by fans as Otsuu, or Otsuu-chan.


Terakado Tsuu 寺門 通 always dreamt of becoming an idol. Even as a child, she would practise her singing voice with her father as an audience. As she is a tone deaf like her father, he started to laugh at her not being able to sing which agitated Otsuu to say that she will prove to him for sure. Her father then promised that if she ever fulfilled her dream and became an idol, he would bring a million roses to her first live concert.

Before becoming a breakthrough idol, Terakado Tsuu was a street-performer, during which Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 who was the only one who watched her performance and regain his confidence after being scolded by his boss and start up a fanclub to thank Otsuu for giving him a reason to live. Tsuu would later on build herself up to becoming the popular idol she is today.


She has dark purple hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen with a green microphone. In Episode 56 Tsuu wearing Shinsengumi uniform.

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She has a habit of appending meaningless words at the end of all her sentences.Though she is quite dense at times, she is still a very hard-working, kind, and determined girl.



  • Tsuu's Father In prison; once broke out to see Tsuu's show because of a promise he made when she was a child. 

Friends & Allies

Love Interest

  • Goemon: She briefly dated Goemon leader of another pop-idol group called 'Hansamu'.
  • Shimura Shinpachi: Shinpachi has a crush on her which causes him to be labeled as an idol otaku and has formed a fanclub. It's something that Otsu is unaware of and she thinks he's just a regular fan.


Her father broke out of prison to see his daughter, but with the help of the Yorozuya, he was able to show up at the concert, saving her from a rampaging Amanto fan and bring her a few flowers. She then told him to bring roses next time, signifying she hadn't forgotten the promise he made that day.

She briefly dated Goemon, leader of another pop-idol group called 'Hansamu'.

Otsu Arc

HDZ48 Arc


  • Terakado Tsuu was developed out the first design for Okita in female form. But all sadist ideas were given to Okita's male form since no women was allowed membership into the shinsengumi. The umbrella ideas were given to Kagura.


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