The Terakado Family 寺門家 comprises the pop-idol singing sensation daughter, Terakado Tsuu 寺門 通, daughter's managing agent mother Terakado Ichi 寺門 市 and Tsuu's father お通の父親, who is currently serving a jail term and whose real name is not known. Goemon ゴエモン, the leader of another pop idol group 「反侍」 hansamu used to date Tsuu, though under a false pretext.

Family MembersEdit

Terakado-father mug
Tsuu's Father
Terakado-ichi mug
Terakado Ichi
寺門 市
Terakado-tsuu mug
Terakado Tsuu
寺門 通

Other Related CharactersEdit

Goemon mug

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