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Please take care of her...Take care of our town...
Terada Tatsugorou

Terada Tatsugorou was a protector of Kabuki-chou and the former husband of Terada Ayano, aka Otose.


Tatsugorou was described as a "man of the law" and a "cop", however his affiliation with the Shinsengumi remains unknown.[1] He apparently lived in Kabuki-chou and was considered a hero during his time, but most of his past and how he lived otherwise is clouded in mystery.

He and Doromizu Jirochou quarreled often because of their different positions in the town, him being a hero and Jirochou a vigilante, but they still fought for the same reason: to protect Kabuki-chou.

Later they became friends but both of them fell in love with Otose. Jirochou wanted Otose to be happy so he backed away.

Tatsugorou was also the love interest of Oiwa. However, Tatsugorou married Ayano, with Jirochou attending the wedding.[2]


Tatsugorou dies

Jirochou and Tatsugorou participated the Joui war; Tatsugorou died during the war, taking a bullet meant for Jirochou.[3][4]


He had short, black hair, black eyes and was usually seen wearing a blue kimono. He would carry a pipe and a jutte with him at all times.[5] Likewise to young Jirocho and young Otose are similar to Gintoki and Tae, he is similar to Hijikata.


Tatsugorou was a man who was strong in a fight and stuck to his ideals.[6] Because of this, he was considered a hero and somewhat of a leader of Kabuki-chou. It has been said that everybody loved him.[7]

Strength & Abilities

It is believed that his jutte, along with his katana, were his weapons of choice.

He was strong and had even beaten Jirochou



  • Otose: Tatsugorou's wife.

Friends & Allies

  • Doromizu Jirochou: His close friend that he was willing cover a bullet for him. His death affected Jirochou so much that he would desert his family for the sake of his promise.

Love Interest

  • Oiwa: Oiwa had a one sided love to Tatsugorou.


He would be first referenced when Gintoki and Otose first met at his grave. Gintoki vowed to his grave that he'll protect Otose until she dies peacefully.

His second reference was when Oiwa phoned Otose on the phone, Oiwa accused Otose stealing Tatsugorou away from her and she plans to steal Gintoki.

He plays a key plot in the Kabuki District arc, Otose visited Tatsugorou grave and Jirochou tells Otose to leave out of town because he's starting to start a war. She refused to leave and offers her life but in return leave Yorozuya, Catherine and Tama alive. Jirochou attacks Otose and Gintoki found her lying on the floor. Gintoki was fuelled with rage and fights against Jirochou, Jirochou won the fight but spared Gintoki life alive just as he promised to Otose.

Gintoki took his jutte and Katana and swore to Tatsugorou that he'll protect everything that was important to him, mainly Kabuki District, Otose and Jirochou.

Otose talks to Jirochou and thanks him for protecting the town over 20 years and that he done a good job for new generation to take over and that they inherited Tatsugorou and Jirochou spirit.

His kiseru and jutte were returned at his grave.


  • His name most likely based on Terada village, the hometown of the real Otose.
  • His face resemble a little bit like Hijikata Toushirou


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