A Tapir General.

Tapirs are an advanced breed of computer virus that are designed to infiltrate computers, evolve and adapt to their digital environment, gain its attributes, multiply and then destroy the computer's programming. While harmless enough during the early stages, the longer they remain in a device the stronger they get and the harder they are to remove.

When a Tapir virus infected the android Tama, it gained sentience and advanced intelligence due to her robotic nature which made it become a powerful entity that created countless Tapirs which gained the attributes of the Leukocyte anti-viruses that protected Tama, gaining their human-like appearance and body suits, although their suits were black instead of white. Upon growing strong enough they tried to take over the world, luckily their efforts were stopped by Sakata Gintoki and the Leukocyte King who managed to destroy this advanced breed of Tapir.


A Tapir as described by Gengai.


Archfiend Tapir
Tapir King
Placeholder other
Tapir King's Mother
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Prince Takeshi

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