If I survive but couldn't protect what was important to me, then I might as well be dead.
Tama たま

Tama (たま, Tama) is a maidroid working at Otose's Snack House. She is often tasked to collect rent from Gintoki by Otose when she isn't working. [1]


Tama was originally known as No. 0, a robot created by Professor Hayashi as a companion for his sickly daughter. She possesses the element known as the 'Seed' due to a failed experiment whereby the professor attempted to implant Fuyou's personality data into her, killing his daughter in the process. This however, allows her to retain some of the daughter's personality and making her capable of human emotions.[2] She finds greatest joy in helping others, as she is seen smiling the brighest when she simulates and substitutes a broken mole game machine for children on her day off rather than shopping or putting her earned salary from Otose's snack bar to other use.

The name Tama was given by Kagura due to her obsession with tamago gohan at that time.


Tama has green hair and dark red eyes. Her hair is usually pulled back and tied in a braid using a large screw to secure the bun on top. The screw was a gift from Gintoki in episode 112 when she goes shopping with him and is shown how to "play" on her day off. Her usual outfit is a blue yukata with a white apron, white thigh high socks and a pair of wooden sandals. Tama carries a broom as both a cleaning tool for work and as a weapon.

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Even though Tama is an android, she is capable of human emotions. Her interactions with living human beings, however, often seem to be severely limited by her lack of knowledge of the outside world. This is due to a memory loss she already suffered before her initial introduction. As the series progresses, however, it seems that Tama learns more and more just from being around the Yorozuya Gin-Chan. She also seems to have some rather strange main functions, such as imitating the Dragon Quest RPG.

Strength & AbilitiesEdit

Tama's weapon of choice is a broom that has been customised by Gengai with a flame thrower attached. It was commissioned by Otose as a way to collect rent from Gintoki. She is also capable of communicating with electronic gadgets and devices, often giving them prep talk when they malfunction.

In lesson 385, it is revealed that Tama is able to cook by taking ingredients into her body and cooking them internally. The dish is then vomited out by Tama, usually in a form of mosaic. Some of her known recipes include monjayaki and anpan.



Friends & AlliesEdit

  • Leukocyte King: Tama created the Leukocyte King based on Gintoki, being the strongest person she knows.
  • Hiraga Gengai: Gengai rebuilt Tama after the Yorozuya found spare parts for her. Gengai also customized her broom with a flamethrower.

Love InterestEdit

  • Sakata Gintoki:

    No. 502 and Gintoki in Episode 71

    She seems to have a genuine respect for Gintoki and believes him to be her protector since she had Leukocyte King based off of him.She also shows feelings that can be compared to love in the Kintama arc and promises she will never forget him even as everyone else (with the exception of Sadaharu) has forgotten him. She also implores him to take her with him if he decides to leave Kabukichō because he no longer has a place to return to.
  • Yamazaki Sagaru: After a chance encounter at a grocery store in Episode 268, Yamazaki falls in love with Tama (almost to the point of obsession). At first, she views him as an enemy because he was responsible for breaking the store's scanner after purchasing an abundance of anpan but she still agrees to marry Yamazaki after Sougo's proposal. She seems to have changed her view of Yamazaki after the failed wedding interview. In the end, she shows concern for him and cheers him up by vomiting up an anpan. The future of their relationship is yet to be known


  • Archfiend Tapir: After using the internet, she was attacked by a virus that created the Archfiend Tapir. Archfiend Tapir managed to control Tama whole body but thanks to Yorozuya and Leukocyte King, they managed to save Tama.
  • Sakata Kintoki: Tama wanted to defeat Kintoki because of his actions of trying to replace Sakata Gintoki as the main character and promised to help Gintoki "kick out the Gold and bring back the silver."


Fuyo ArcEdit

Tama was initially only a disembodied head when she was found in the trash by Sakata Gintoki. She had lost her memories prior to becoming only a head, and was at the time framed for the murder of professor Hayashi Ryuuzan. The android version of Ryuuzan, No.502, soon began a robot uprising, even hijacking the Terminal, in order to retrieve Tama and data she carried within her known as The Seed. The Seed is a powerful element that allowed Tama to retain some of the memories and personality of Hayashi Fuyou. The professor, wanting to correct his past mistakes by reviving his daughter, then went on a cat-and-mouse chase around Edo after Tama. But Tama would eventually sacrifice herself, as No.305, to save everyone. After the showdown at the Terminal, it was revealed that despite reconstructing her, Tama had already lost most of her memories, remembering only that samurai are her friends. This had been her earlier conclusion after having been saved by Shimura Shinpachi while being chased by killer maid androids sent by Ryuuzan. As her body was rebuilt, she became a complete android maid again, and as such she began working at Otose's snack house.

Tama Quest ArcEdit

Later on, Tama would get infected by a virus. Acknowledging Gintoki's strength, she had created in her body a type of antivirus, and the strongest antivirus was also the leader of them, the Leukocyte King (白血球王) and was identical to Gintoki.[3] Her antivirus was not enough to combat the virus, so the Yorozuya had to physically enter Tama so they could save her.

Kintama ArcEdit

She, along with Sadaharu, were the only people immune to Kintoki's hypnosis wave. She and Sadaharu helped Gintoki to regain his identity as a leader of Yorozuya. They formed a temporary Yorozuya where Sadaharu played the role of Shinpachi, going by the name of Hachiharu. Tama played the role of Kagura, named as Tamagura. Tama tried to restore others' memories of Gintoki by triggering memories of Gintoki in the recesses of their minds, taking advantage of how the now flawless Kintoki would never have done and said the things Gintoki did. Although Kintoki replaced images of Gintoki with himself, he did not alter people's memories to suit his present character. Tama tried to resolve the matter on her own and prevent further friction between Gintoki and the Yorozuya, but she was injured by Kintoki, who cited Gintoki as the cause of her injuries, thus turning the whole Kabukichō district against him as she remained unconscious in Gengai's home.

Confessional ArcEdit

Soul Switch ArcEdit

Silver Soul ArcEdit


  • Her name comes from tamago wariki (meaning "egg cracker").
  • Tama is similar to Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6.
    • Both are robots.
    • Both remove their heads.


  • (To Gintoki) "They're alive, even though the probability of them surviving are less than 1%, they're alive...I hope they're alive."
  • (To Katsura) "Samurai...I know what a samurai is. They're one of the four heavenly demon kings that rank just above heroes and a demon lord, they're my dearest friends."
  • (To Yorozuya) "Please don't forget me my friends, then my soul will live on inside you."
  • "Father, I made some friends...not a robot, but real friends."
  • (To Gintoki) "Gintoki- sama, I know now, no matter what happens to you, you will always be yourself. Did you think if you told me you were running away, I would be angry? I would not be angry. I would only ask for you to take me with you."
  • (To Kintoki) "If your mission is to erase Gintoki- sama and live in this place, then my mission is to continue and live together with Gintoki- sama and the others until this body breaks down."
  • "There's no need for goodbyes. If there's anything to say... What I used to do was fulfill my duties as a machine without any hesitation. As I was just a single elaborate screw. But now I've been filled with all this useless data. I've become such an oil-smeared screw. So to everyone, I would say... Thank you for being my friends!"


  • ( To Gintoki) " I promised, didn't I? That I would convey your feelings - your soul to everyone."
  • (To everyone) " No matter what the future holds in store for us, we'll be alright as long as we're together. That is also an important piece of information I have gathered."

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