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"Time is Money!"

Takatin (タカティン) is a foreigner hired by Gintoki as a substitute for Takachin during the Otsuu Fan Club Battle.


He is a hulking, very muscular man who wears a very tiny Terakado Imperial uniform along with red bandanna on his head. He has blonde hair and a mustache.


He cannot speak japanese at all and instead utters english phrases like "french pan (bread)" and "time is money". He works for Gintoki for french bread during Otaku arc.


Otsu Arc

He was introduced when Takachin collapsed after Okita Sougo ran him over in a taxi. Gintoki took Takachin to the hospital and came back hiring a foreigner as a substitute for Taka-chin during the Otsuu Fan Club Battle. He demands 10,000 yen per hour (1 french bread each hour from 3 hours onwards) which is about 98 U.S dollars. Hijitaka claims that he is a fraud, but Gintoki claims that Takachin evolved as he ran over to the finish line.

In the second round of the Otsuu Fan Club Battle, Takatin almost saved Shinpachi's fan group as he answered every questions correctly even without hearing or seeing it.

His answers though is just a result of his desire to go to the toilet badly.


  • Takatin is based on WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan.
  • He is on the cover of the Shonen Jump Zenzo is reading in episode 178

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