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Takasugi Shinsuke
Takasugi mug
Japanese Name: 高杉 晋助
Romanized Name: Takasugi Shinsuke
English Name: Shinsuke Takasugi
Date of Birth: 10 Aug/Leo
Age: 20+
Also known as:
Physical Features
Height: 170 cm (5' 7")
Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Status: Alive
Professional Status
Affiliations: Old Jouishishi
Occupations: Terrorist, leader of the Kiheitai
Strong Points:
First Appearances
Chapter: Lesson 13 (flashback)
Lesson 30 (official)
Volume: 2 (flashback)
4 (official)
Episode: Episode 13 (flashback)
Episode 17 (official)
Voice Actors
Japanese VA: Koyasu Takehito
English VA: Kyle C. Jones (movie)
The sword cuts, the smiths forge, the samurai... do what exactly? Well, let them be whatever they want. So long as they exist for the single purpose of being strong and beautiful. Like him.
Takasugi Shinsuke

Takasugi Shinsuke (高杉 晋助 Takasugi Shinsuke ) is the leader of the Kiheitai, an extremist group which he resurrected from the Joui Wars. The Kiheitai is a Joui faction bent on causing world destruction. Although a reoccurring antagonist, he appears very little in Gintama and he very rarely does any fighting on his own.

According to the moderate Joui faction led by Katsura, the Kiheitai accumulates military firearms through shady arms dealing so that they can become a powerful military organisation. Contrary to Katsura, who wants to find a better solution and a way to save the world, Takasugi only wants to destroy, specifically taking down the Bakufu and targeting Sakata Gintoki due to personal grudges. He will go to any lengths to see his world destruction through, even conspiring with the Harusame. He fought alongside Sakata Gintoki, Katsura Kotarou and Sakamoto Tatsuma in the Joui wars.


Takasugi grew up very recklessly, matching his personality even today. Prone to challenging others and swiftly defeating them, he drifted and defeated many groups of children until one day being "rescued" by Gintoki and Yoshida Shouyou, a samurai who had begun teaching for free in the village Takasugi and Katsura lived in[1]. Curious about their strength at the poor school, Takasugi challenged the students there as well to kendo, only to lose to Gin. After the first match, Shouyou bandaged Takasugi's wounds and encouraged him to get stronger, telling him that with his strength he became as great a samurai he desires and how he looked forward to seeing his path.

Learning that their child was hanging around the school, his parents begun to threaten disowning him, but Takasugi disregarded them. He realized he was weak, mentally and physically, and he begun challenging Gin to constant battles, often to a point where his old wounds hadn't even healed before the next match. He grew to desire becoming a stronger samurai than Gin and finally won a match, which at that point it was finally pointed out to him that he begun visiting so often that he may as well have become a student; one could say he did the following day, as Gin himself told Takasugi to make up for all the loses he had by dropping by again and fighting[2].

Over the course of their life, Takasugi and Gin fought 492 times (prior to chapter 518)[3]. It's unknown if these numbers are from just their childhood or if they sparred during the Joui wars.

By the time the Kansei Purge occurred, Takasugi and Katsura abandoned their previous schools to learn at Shouyou's. Over the course of this time, Takasugi obviously became attached to Shouyou, to a point where his grudge against the Bakufu runs so deeply rooted in his attachment the grief never left. He wasn't present, it seems, when Shouyou was arrested, but he did make a request to Gin on the battlefield to keep their teacher alive. However, he was present when Shouyou was executed alongside Katsura and Gin, and this event scarred him for life: not only did he see his own comrade Gin execute Shouyou, but Takasugi comments the last thing his left eye ever saw was

Takasugi, Gintoki and Katsura were classmates under the same tutelage of Shouyou until their teacher's capture, but Takasugi has always regarded himself as a student of Shouyou's, the bond being much more outward and personal than Katsura's or Gin's thoughts. After the Kansei Purge event Katsura , Gintoki and Takasugi would rise up as the last warriors of the Joui Patriots because the government killed Yoshida Shouyou.

He would later become comrades with Sakamoto Tatsuma in the Joui War. He would create Kiheitai group during the war.


Takasugi has short, black hair with dark-purple highlights, often appearing pure dark purple in some shots. His left eye is bandaged as it was caused by Oboro during Joui war and after Shouyou's death, and he is usually seen wearing a yukata with a design dependent on the medium and occasionally a haori jacket to go with. He is usually seen smoking a thin pipe called kiseru (キセル), a pipe commonly used to smoke tobacco (and also showed high social status), when gazing from his ship's windows. He has also been seen playing the shamisen and wearing a sedge hat.

In the Class 3-Z universe, Takasugi wears the standard school uniform but has unbuttoned it to reveal a crimson red shirt underneath. He wears a more standard, medical eye patch and he doesn't seem to smoke in this universe.

As a samurai in the Joui war, he wore a low-collared black vest under a long coat lined with violet cloth and patterned with gold-colored lines. He wore with it black pants, black boots (similar to the ones Gin wears today) and a white obi. Like his companions he also adorns his head with a long strip of white ribbon, which may actually be what his bandage is made out of. Turning this time his hair is a lot more smoother and well-kept.

As a child, he wears a light green kimono with a diamond pattern trimming the edge. Over it, he wears a violet or crimson haori with no design.

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A ruthless man, Takasugi is defined by his tenacity towards destroying the world. A very charismatic individual, all of his soldiers willingly trust and assist him in his desire. However, it's very clear that he's not exactly the most stable person around and he openly admits it: often comparing himself to a beast, Takasugi is driven by anger and guilt that runs through every action he does. He rejects the change of the world and refuses to see anything but the path of total destruction, willing to kill his subordinates if they defy him or get in his way even by accident. His cold nature is widely feared by those who respect him and it's best not to turn on him.

Most of his bitterness originates from the loss of his mentor Yoshida Shouyou, as Takasugi wants to destroy the world that took away his teacher. According to Imai Nobume, Takasugi seeks to destroy what Shouyou left behind, but this is hypocritical as he still cherishes his memories from back then. The idea to take revenge for his teacher's death clouds his mind and it's what drives him to be antagonistic towards Gin and the Bakufu, for it was both the Kansei Purge and the Shiroyasha that took his dear teacher away. If it were not for the loss of his teacher, Takasugi likely never would've gone down this path.

There's a lot of hatred towards Gin, again going back to him executing Shouyou. When given the chance, the two will clash, but Gin feels like he should be the one to drag Takasugi back onto the path of peace. However, be it due to good memories or simply not having anything to hate, Takasugi seems to (barely) get along with Katsura: prior to the Benizakura arc, communicating with him while passing by[4] and even chatting with him idly while watching a battle[5]. However, he does have enough hatred in him to offer up both Katsura and Gintoki's heads to the Harusame Space Pirates in exchange for their co-operation in his world-destruction plans. It's unknown how he gets along with Sakamoto, but it might be either a neutral feeling (as the two were only comrades) or contempt.

Generally, though, Takasugi is quiet and more of a listener than a speaker. Like some other antagonists, Takasugi tends to appear randomly, but unlike others it's usually cameos or the like. He rarely ever takes action himself, using caution and tricks to his benefit and often being uncannily apathetic about things. He appears to be avidly watching those around him and he was quite aware of Itou Kamotarou's desire to have friends, Okada Nizou's desire of destruction, and being very receptive to the opinions of others since most of his men were recruited with similar ideologies in mind.

As a child, Takasugi was largely stubborn and desiring strength, something that can still somewhat be seen. He constantly sparred with Gin even when heavily wounded, battling day after day until he won and then continuing on after Gin's own suggestion. In the Joui army days, although he seemed largely concerned about Shouyou and rescuing him, he was always childish with Gin and often fought with him then, largely over petty things like choosing geisha[6] or playing kick the can[7].

Since the Reunion arc, he has been known for having an affection for Yakult. Although it was only mentioned in a passing set of jokes, it has made a large impact as prior to it: Takasugi lacked any kind of "features" (catchphrase, favorite food, obsession, running gag, or so on) like the other characters, so when given the chance, it became quite popular.

In the 3-Z Universe, his taste for destruction is heavily downplayed, turning into a simple case of absolute defiance. He's still quiet and commanding of his gang, but he's been seen balancing on his chair with his feet kicked up and onto his desk (see picture). He also refused to become the lead singer of Bansai's band due to "attending abacus class", despite the fact he just returned from an excessively long suspension and tending to show no interest in class.

Strength & Abilities

Master Swordsmanship: He's an excellent swordsman, being a perfect equal to Gin despite the other's own capabilities and skill. Although he usually strays from battling, he can take on armies by himself and can win battles without wounds.

Charisma: Most of Takasugi's subordinates, including his closest, seem to have been won over by Takasugi's words, not actions. He recruited most of his men by finding those with similar ideas to him and brought up his goal of destruction to them, promising to assist if they desired the same. It's known that he did this to Okada Nizou and Itou Kamotarou, and it can be inferred that Matako was also pursued through a similar method. Despite how outlandish the goal is, there is not a single person who doubts his power.

Takasugi uses a katana, which he always carries with him, a shikomizue, which is a kind of concealed blade that, while lacking the tsuba, or guard, has a casing made of wood and on first glance isn't much different than the kind of sword Gin wields. However, Takasugi's sword has an actual blade and, furthermore, may be the blade he's had since his days in the Joui war.

Takasugi also holds some ability in playing the shamisen, as he has been seen playing it alone and with Bansai. It might just be a hobby of his.



  • Yoshida Shouyou: Takasugi alongside with Katsura and Gintoki studied under Shouyou until their beloved teacher was executed during Kansei Purge. The three students would later see his execution and received the decapitated head of their teacher. Takasugi deeply admires Shouyou and said he is unable to stand the world that took Shouyou away and act like nothing had happened, including Gintoki himself when he was forced to execute their own master by Tendoshu, under orders of Sada Sada. However, Shouyou sacrificed himself to save his students' lives. According to Nobume, Takasugi seeks to destroy what Shouyou has left.

Friends & Allies

  • Kawakami Bansai: Due to his true identity being safe from the police, Bansai appears to be Takasugi's negotiator and mole as Bansai, being the songwriter and producer for Otsu, can access most news and information without being in any danger. Bansai appears to hold a second-in-command position as well, usually being at base while Takasugi is aboard the Harusame or the like.
  • Kijima Matako: Matako is openly in love with Takasugi, affectionately calling him "Shinsuke-sama". Matako is also able to be in close quarters with him in ways one doesn't expect a ruthless warrior to allow[8][9]. It's unknown if he simply has great patience for her, balances it out mentally due to her assistance, simply can't care, or actually has affection for her in return.
  • Takechi Henpeita: Being the tactical adviser to Takasugi, Henpeita plays a more open, second-in-command role than Bansai. He appears to be in charge whenever Takasugi is absent[10] and people follow his commands whatever they may be, and although again it's unknown how Takasugi feels, it appears there's a bit of respect for him if Henpeita is even allowed to disguise himself as Takasugi (as no doubt others have brought it up). Henpeita seems to have an approach of doing whatever is "best" for Takasugi, as some attacks towards Gin have been purely organized by the tactician[11].
  • Okada Nizou: Used more openly to an end, Takasugi took up Nizou after finding him killing in the slums of Japan. Asking him to join his cause to destroy, Nizou accompanied Takasugi and even took up the Benizakura for their cause, despite the mechanical weapon slowly taking over the blind samurai. However, Nizou, with his ability to see "lights" within people, quickly discovered Takasugi's "light" aggressively shone with sorrow, hinting at desire Takasugi hides inside[12].
  • Kamui: Kamui and Takasugi met in passing on the day Kamui was overthrown. Kamui shows interest in fighting/killing Takasugi, due to his similarities with Gin, but after Takasugi saved his life and recruited him the two became conspirators. However, their relationship seems to be largely based on open acknowledgement that the other is using them, as Kamui largely uses Takasugi to earn chances at fighting Gin and Kagura while Takasugi uses Kamui and his Yato gang as muscle and assistance.
  • Sasaki Isaburo: Not much is known between the two but there is no hostility between them and they're 
    conspiring with each other.


  • Sakata Gintoki: Once studied together in his childhood and fought together in the Joui War but now Takasugi simply wants to kill Gintoki and hates being called his former comrade. Gintoki often mocks him about his family position and army during the war. Gintoki would also make remarks about his height, which would probably be the reason for their rivalry. [13] In a present, this might be the fact during his former allies' captures by Tendoshu (under order of Sada Sada) that he hates Gintoki alot for choosing a regrettable choice into killing Shouyou by Tendoshu's forces on him, but it was in fact for the sake of his and his former allies' lives as Shouyou sacrificed his life to saved his students. He later reconcile with him after remembering Gintoki's regretful sadden face, same time Oboro took his left eye during Joui war.
  • Katsura Kotarou: In his childhood, Takasugi and Katsura are always at odds but even then Katsura thought of him as a comrade. They were consistently close friends throughout their time and, even when Takasugi begun his streak of antagonism, Katsura did not consider him an enemy until the Benizakura Arc. He was willing to offer his head to Harusame, along with Gintoki's. Despite this all, though, Takasugi always calls Katsura "Zura",
Takasugi and Tokugawa Sada Sada

Takasugi moments before killing Tokugawa Sada Sada

  • Tokugawa Sada Sada: Upon finding out that Sada Sada was the one whom ordered Tendoshu of having forced Gintoki into killing Shouyou for the sake of his and his former allies' life, Takasugi begans to hates him most of all compared to his hatred of the Amantos, the government and his former comrades Gintoki and Katsura. He hates him for what he did to Shoyo, so he decided to kill him when he found out that he was locked in prison and went in disguised as a member of the Tendoshu. Before he killed him, Takasugi told Sada Sada to send greetings to Shoyo.
  • Oboro: During the Joui war where he went to stop Gintoki from beheading Shoyo, Oboro stops him by throwing a katana at his left eye, then soon gives him a payback like what he did to Takasugi's left eye in a present during Shogun Assassination arc.
  • Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu: Originally, Takasugi and Nobu Nobu are working with each other. Takasugi says that he will keep standing alongside Nobu Nobu as long as he keeps opposing the bafuku and that no matter which path Nobu Nobu takes, the one to kill him the end will be either Gintoki or Takasugi. Ironically, he wasn't aware that Nobu Nobu somehow afflict with Tendosho.


Et Cetera

Takasugi is often brought up inbetween arcs, mostly because either A) he's referenced as a big power comparable to the Jou patriots, B) his minions are out doing something and make references to him, or C) he appears related to a gag or such.

In Lesson 75, a passing reference is made to him possibly staying out of Edo due to the Shinsengumi activity.  A few chapters later in Lessons 77 through 80, Nizou makes a passing reference to Takasugi by remarking that Gin has a similar, beast-like scent.  It can be inferred through Nizou's appearance as well that Hashida Kahei either contacted or was contacted by the Keiheitai and employed Nizou and possibily some of their men in order to find his grandson.

In Lesson 101 and 102, due to Otsu being hired as a Captain for a Day for the Shinsengumi, Bansai is seen lurking around (possibly making sure his secondary job of being Otsu's producer remains alive) and later comments that the Kiheitai's ambition won't be easy to achieve if the Shinsengumi remain competent.

Gengai Arc

According to Katsura, Takasugi had escaped from the Bakufu's pursuit and was laying low in Kyoto before reaching Edo. The reason he came to Edo was to assassinate the Shogun, who would be attending a festival there, and he told this plan to Katsura directly. The idea was, using the mechanical genius and depression of Hiraga Gengai who had lost his son to the Bakufu, was to use the firework shooting robots and the old man's bitterness to kill the Shogun. Right before the attacks begun, Takasugi slipped behind Gin and held a blade behind him, alerting Gin early of the chaotic activities. They conversed, with Takasugi revealing Gengai's pain and Gin deducing his old ally as the real enemy. Taking action, Gin grabbed Takasugi's blade, decked him, and escaped to help calm the situation with the rest of the Yorozuya and the stationed members of the Shinsengumi, allowing Takasugi to slip off without detection.

Interestingly enough, his next appearance wouldn't be for another 59 chapters, but in the popularity poll in between, he landed in 4th with exactly 1,500 votes.

Benizakura Arc

Takasugi again resurfaced in Edo during the Benizakura chapters. This time, he didn't come alone: he had brought Kawakami Bansai, Kijima Matako, Takechi Henpeita, Okada Nizou and the rest of the Kiheitai with him in order to stage a military coup and forcibly overthrow the Bakufu, but from the looks and sounds of it, they were simply ported in Edo in order to test Benizakura and gain information on it, as the bio-weapon required in-battle data to become a true weapon.  Using the help of Murata Tetsuya, who created the Benizakura swords, he gave Nizou the first blade and more or less sent him off to gather data[14][15]. However, Nizou begun to target random samurai and assassinating them in one-strike sword battles, eventually attempting to take down Katsura.  While he did fail, as the book Shouyou gave to all his students ended up saving Katsura and taking most of the slash, it's hinted at that Takasugi was a little upset with this move - whether it was because Nizou was attracting attention or because it was Katsura is unclear.  It may be more of the first, though, as the rest of the Kiheitai were upset Nizou recklessly garnered attentionTakasugi threatened to cut through both Nizou and the sword if Nizou ever called Gintoki and Katsura his "comrades" again, as he claims that their relationship wasn't nothing that sweet[16]

In search of Katsura, Kagura found and faced off against Takasugi for a brief moment under the light of the full moon.  She didn't attack due to her instincts alerting her of Takasugi's "dangerous smell", and she was swiftly attacked and captured by the combined efforts of Henpeita and Matako.  Takasugi silently watched the battle and appeared to have made no orders concering Kagura or Nizou, who had returned to the base missing an arm, as Nizou was left alone and Kagura was next seen tied to the wall presumably for information, though honestly no one there knew who's side she was on (as Takasugi never saw her alongside Gin until after this arc)[17].

As the Joui patriots under Katsura attacked in revenge, Takasugi had disappeared to monitor the Benizakuras alongside Tetsuya and had made a quick stop to speak to and threaten Nizou.  On deck, as the firefight raged on, Kagura was put up as a hostage only to be fully ignored.  He did eventually reappear, though, when Shinpachi (who had hopped upon the ship himself to save the Yato girl) and Kagura were hoisted back on deck by Elizabeth, slicing through the head of the penguin mascot.  Though he states this "isn't a venue for cosplay", he's surprised that Katsura was under the costume and is nearly cut down by his former ally[18].
Due to Katsura sabotaging the Benizakuras, Katsura's faction's assault and Yorozuya's infiltration, this seemed to be Takasugi's and his Kiheitai's defeat, but Bansai brought Harusame for backup.
It turned out Takasugi struck a deal with the Harusame Space Pirates, offering Gintoki's and Katsura's heads to the Space Pirates. While everybody retreated, Katsura and Gintoki went in an all-out battle against the Harusame on Takasugi's ship which ended when Gintoki and Katsura fled using a parachute after delaying the pirates long enough.
The Shinsengumi were fairly left out during all of this, but in Episode 62, Yamazaki gives a full report about the battle to Vice-Commander Hijikata, saying both sides (Katsura's Joui faction and Takasugi's Kiheitai) suffered huge losses..

Katsura reveals he had been on deck this entire time, watching from the shadows and studying Takasugi's plot.  It's revealed that Takasugi was also protected by the blunt of the attack through Shouyou's book, and the two idly chat abou Nizou's failure before a bomb Katsura set up goes off.  In the confusion resulting form that and the Joui patriots boarding the ship, Takasugi escapes back inside with Matako and Henpeita, his subordinates holding Shinpachi and Kagura back.  He rests for a bit, finding a balcony from which he can watch Gin battle Nizou, and he idly chats with Katsura again.  He reveals to his old friend his contemplations about the world and being a samurai, stating he can't see anything but a path of destroying the Bafuku[19], and he exposes the source of his pain: the world they live in now took away Yoshida Shouyou, his former teacher, and because of that his burning hatred will lead him to do anything to take revenge.

Although Katsura tries to pull Takasugi back, stating he's upset as well but now has things to protect, the Amanto appear as Takasugi's allies.  Explaining that he heard both Gin and Katsura had gotten into an altercation with the Amanto earlier, he offered his assistance in taking their heads for their gunpower and manpower.  Reinforcing that all he wants is to destroy this corrupted world, he flees his burning and battered ship with the rest of the living Kiheitai members onto the Harusame flagship, only sticking around long enough to see Gin and Katsura promise a battle the next time they met[20].

Shinsengumi Crisis Arc

Takasugi's plan was to create a dispute within the Shinsengumi, and make them destroy themselves from the inside. He used the Shinsengumi advisor Itou Kamotarou as a pawn to be able to do such damage, in addition to the Kiheitai's assassin and negotiator, Kawakami Bansai 河上 万斉. With Itou, he was fairly successful in making a chaos in ranks. After Yorozuya and Okita Sougo interfered with the assassination of Kondou Isao, Kawakami revealed to Gintoki that Kiheitai wouldn't never allow someone as treacherous as Itou to join in their ranks. Kawakami and Kiheitai forces were ultimately repelled and Shinsengumi arranged a duel between Itou and Hijikata so that he would not die as a traitor. Kawakami returned to Shinsuke after receiving some injuries. Shinsuke scolded Bansai for being weak. Bansai responded that he fell in love with everyone's music and rhythm, which led to his defeat. He questioned Takasugi if he would ever understand what Gintoki protects.

Kabukicho Four Devas Arc

Takasugi made an appearance in the aftermath of the Kabukichou Four Devas arc. Kamui was sent by Admiral Abo to eliminate the leader of the Kiheitai, Takasugi Shinsuke. This was proven as a ruse, as Kamui was the target of the elimination all along, because he was far more liked than the admiral himself. Takasugi would side with Kamui during his public execution. They killed the admiral and took control of the Harusame Space Pirates. They headed towards Earth after they made a temporary truce.

Baragaki Arc

Takasugi appeared near the conclusion of Baragaki arc and it would seems that he's conspiring with Sasaki Isaburo for future plans.

Courtesan of a Nation Arc

He appeared disguising himself as a Naraku agent and kills off Tokugawa Sada Sada for revenge and asked him to send his regards to Yoshida Shouyou.

The Ikeda Clan Arc

Takasugi appeared near the conclusion of the Ikeda Clan Arc, Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu spoke to Takasugi, who was around but not seen until the end. Nobu Nobu express his interest at how Takasugi seeks to abolish the old and establishing the new and sees it as a great power, while Takasugi answers that Nobu Nobu won't be able to have neither his nor Gintoki's head. And that whichever side Nobu Nobu turns to, he would be killed either by him or Gintoki.

Patriot Reunion Arc

Takasugi appeared in a the flashback of the patriot reunion arc. He was proven to have a rivalry with Gintoki as depicted in the flashback. Takasugi had once gone to a red light district with Gintoki and they both ended up choosing the same girl. The girl liked Takasugi better and ended up with him. Takasugi however, spent the time drinking till his eyes turned bloodshot and the girl lost interest Takasugi, saying that he was a total bore of a man. He was also proven to be associated with the yogurt-like beverage Yakult in this arc.

Shogun Assassination Arc


  • Takasugi Shinsuke is based on the real Kiheitai leader Takasugi Shinsaku 高杉晋作, a samurai who founded and commanded the Kiheitai in an effort to fight against the Bakufu. His actions eventually lead to the Meiji Restoration.
  • In all versions of Episode 150 he appears as the final enemy, in a battle against Gintoki while Edo is burning, but this is proven false because he joins forces with Kamui.
  • In the manga, Takasugi's yukata is a complicated pattern of mountains, flowers and fog, but in the anime it was turned into a very simple-looking yukata with yellow butterflies and a "fog" of yellow at the very end. His jacket, however, remains a constant: a dark green jacket carefully patterned with gold swirling lines.
  • In the popularity poll, Takasugi is placed 4th in the first and second popularity poll and in 5th during the third popularity poll which makes him one of the most popular characters even though he barely comes out. Furthermore, although Takasugi is often brought up, is the largest known villain, holds a connection with most of the main characters, and holds probably the most destructive potential, he never appears in any filler episode content unless in flashback or as a joke. As such, other characters take his place when he's needed: Madao dresses up as him in the Popularity Poll arc, Katsura in the second movie, and Henpeita when Takasugi is away or somewhat important to the plot.
    • However, in chapter 454, Matako outright states that no one told Takasugi that a reunion was being held, so it could be said his previous absences are simply because of communication failure.
    • A part of his popularity may come from who voices him in the show: Koyasu Takehito, who has voiced well over four hundred characters and is currently one of the most prolific voice actors around.
  • Due to his attachment to Shouyou, it's popular to depict a sort of father-son relationship between the two and, in light of chapter 520~521, draw Takasugi being held or greeted by the ghost of Shouyou.



  • (To Sakata Gintoki) "I know his suffering, after all the black beast of vengeance lies within me as well."
  • (To Katsura Kotarou) "I'm fine with being a beast, I neither want nor need anything to protect. I just want to destroy everything, until the beast stops whining."
  • (To Admiral Abou) "It's better to be the head of the cat than the tail of a lion. I'd rather be a bandit chief than a pirate or bigwig."
  • (To Kamui) "It's more fun to dance with a batshit crazy idiot, than a plain old idiot."
  • (To Katsura Kotarou) "Zura...The sword in your hand...who taught us how to use it ? Our samurai code, our way of living. Who taught us these ? The one who gave us a world to live in, was without a doubt...Shoyou-sensei. Yet, this world... took him from us. In that case, we have no other choice, but to fight this world. We have to completely destroy...this world that took him from us. Hey do you feel living in this world? In this world that took our teacher away from us. How could you live in it, in such a carefree manner? It pisses me off!" 
  • (To Kawakami Bansai) "Bansai. Can't you get into the groove of my song?"
  • (To Admiral Abou) "You're the one who's no longer needed. Didn't you hear me? I'm the executioner here, the only executioner needed in this place. Off with your heads."
  • (To Sakamoto Tatsuma) "I bought you some damn yakult. So shut the hell up and drink it!"
  • (To Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu) "I'm touched by your having such a high estimation of me. As long as you are opposing the bakufu, I'll keep standing here. But the moment you gave up on that it might be that the ones bitting at that neck may be him (Gintoki) or me."
  • (To Kamui) "I'm like you...searching for a place to use my sharpened fangs,but this leaky boat won't take me anywhere."
  • Have a nice nap in hell...leaky boat crew!
  • (To Okada Nizou) "Don't label us as comrades,our relationship isn't that simple."
  • (To Tokugawa Sada Sada) "That's right.You won't be judged by the shogun or the heavens.You will be me.Don't bother trying to remember me, cause I'll bring the Tendoshu and those worthless crowns,no...I'll bring the heads of every person on this planet down to hell with me....Say hello, to sensei for me.
  • (To a ninja) " We never had all that much interest in that from the start. What we've been really seeking is not his head. It's you guys. The Shogun's limbs. Hit or miss, if we pull up all the roots, the head will fall on its own. "
  • (To a ninja who asked him about his ringleader) " He's in Hell. Where you're about to go. "


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