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Kameyama Duuke (亀山), also known as Sniper Kame, is an assassin who was hired to kill Matsudaira Katakuriko. He is known as the most cowardly assassin in all of Edo, he gained the nickname Turtle Assassin (since turtles hide in their shell). He has a pet turtle named Kamekichi.



Kame is a great tactician who uses good information gathering and extreme patience to aid him in assassinating his targets. He considers all good tacticians to be cowards and, by extension, considers himself to be a coward.


Kame was hired to kill Matsudaira Katakuriko. While pointing his assault rifle, he saw Gintoki and mistook him as a spy for the Shinsengumi. Gintoki was staring right at the apartment complex that Kame was in, but Kame did not know that Gintoki was peeping into the room of a young woman who was changing. The girl brought police to where Gintoki was, to arrest him for peeping and Kame mistook it for Gintoki calling reinforcements. As his mission failed, Hasegawa Taizou happened to be soliciting and Kame mistook him for another policeman surrounding him. He attempted to escape out of the balcony, but there was a whole crowd of people outside his apartment complex. The crowd of people where watching a girl who was threatening to jump, but Kame again mistook them for policemen. He attempted to jump to the adjacent building to escape, but the girl who was threatening to jump landed on him, breaking her fall. For his "bravery," he was awarded a medal by none other than Matsudaira Katakuriko. He accepted the medal while looking extremely confused.


  • Kame's hair color, brooding attitude and his sniping abilities are matched with Non-tan's signature characters respectively (FSN's Emiya Shirou, Naruto's Uchiha Sasuke and Bleach's Ishida Uryuu).
  • Kame means 'turtle' in Japanese.
  • Kame's whole name is seen in the medal translated 'Kameyama Duuke'

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