Father Saigou Tokumori 西郷 特盛 was one of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District かぶき町四天王 and operated the 'Transvestite Performing Club' かまっ娘倶楽部. He is also the 'Mama' there, and his intimidating demeanor earned him the moniker of 鬼神 マドマーゼル西郷 kishin mademoiselle aka Ferocious God Mademoiselle. Having participated in the Joui War long before Sakata Gintoki et al, he was renowned as senior Joui fighter with the nickname 「白ふんの西郷」 shiro fun(doshi) no Saigou aka Saigou the White Loincloth.[1] Son Saigou Teruhiko 西郷 てる彦 was bullied in school due to his father's current occupation, but eventually he learnt to respect him.


Saigou-tokumori mug
Saigou Tokumori
西郷 特盛
Saigou-teruhiko mug
Saigou Teruhiko
西郷 てる彦

  1. Sorachi Hideaki, Gintama, VIZ media, Vol. 5, Lesson 39, page(s) 167-168.

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