Rokkaku Kirie (六角霧江, Rokkaku Kirie) is a young orphan girl who seeks revenge against Okita Sougo for having killed her father.


Kirie's Family Episode 186

Young Kirie and her parents in Episode 186

Sougo killed her father sometime during her past, and since then she has been looking to kill him.


Kirie has burgundowe hair, brown eyes and she wears a green kimono.


Strength & AbililtiesEdit



  • Muneharu Rokkaku: Her father.

Friends & AlliesEdit

  • Okita Sougo: She want a revenge to sougo after he kill Kirie's father.
  • Kagura: Her new friend.


  • Tendou Soutatsu: He help to Kirie to Sougo. After he saw Sougo kill kirie's father.


Rokkaku ArcEdit

Shinpachi, Kirie and Sougo Episode 186

Kirie blame to Sougo in Episode 186

After Sougo buys a cake from a store, he is stabbed by Kirie, but a tabasco bottle he was carrying protects him. Sougo then overpowers her and brings her to the Yorozuya, where he intends to let them handle her.

Some time later, a group of terrorists incurs Kirie to the park, where Sougo talking with Kagura. He is dragged along with them to the hideout Faction Sokai and tied to a pole. Kirie can not believe that she had been deceived by the commander of the terrorists, who had promised to help her avenge her father. She pokes her stupidity and naivety similar to that which characterized Muneharu. When Sotatsu Kirie intends to reveal the truth about her father, is hit by Kagura in the head and lost consciousness.

Kirie is carried by Kagura, who attacks the terrorists. Sougo then takes Kirie to safety.

Sougo's Letter from Kirie

Kirie wrote a letter to Sougo.

After the fight he meets in Sougo and stealthily gives him her letter. Then moves to a family living in the provinces.


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