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Love and Peace.
Prince Hata

Prince Hata (ハタ皇子) or as most of the characters like to call him, Prince Baka (バカ皇子 Baka ōji)[1], is an Amanto and the prince of the Royal Planet. He loves and collects animals from all around the universe. Although he is a prince of presumably high social rank, no one seems to respect him, not even his retainer Jii.


He has light purple skin in the anime (white in the manga) and dark red hair that only exists on the sides and back. He also has a 'charm point' on his forehead that is frequently ripped off by other people/animals as a running gag in the series.

Hata as Magical Hamster Hata in Episode 150.  


Despite placing high value on friendship and animal husbandry, Prince Hata is hypocritical in what he preaches as demonstrated when he imagined himself in a Tarzan-like adventure but readily left his companions to die. He is infatuated with animals, although the ones he keeps are often extremely violent or dangerous, normally resulting in their destruction at the hands of the Yorozuya. Like many other members of Amanto, he sees humans as inferior trash fit only to serve the Amanto.

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  1. Japanese for the english word Stupid.

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