Planet Hamek is a near-barren wasteland that was once a lush world filled with tobacco fields and considered a smoker's paradise, until the planet was attacked by the evil Brieza and turned into what it is today. The planet is inhabited by the Hamekian Amantos who are all green skinned, pointy eared humanoids with a single antenna protruding from their foreheads and many are excellent cigarette makers and tobacco harvesters, however most of the population was killed by Brieza.

Hijakata once came to this planet in the hopes of escaping Earth's smoking ban and ended up killing Brieza, thus freeing the planet from his tyranny.

Known InhabitantsEdit


  • The planet and its people are a parody of the planet Namek and the Namekians from Dragon Ball Z.
    • Oddly enough the nameless planet Breeza lived on looked more like Namek than Hamek did.

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