Nishino Tsukamu

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Nishino Tsukamu
西野 掴
Nishino-tsukamu mug
Seiyuu 園部 好德
Sonobe Yoshinori
Production baobab Link
ANN link
Affiliations Yagyuu Family's 4 Devas
柳生一門 四天王
Birthday 16 Sep / Virgo
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Height 208 cm
Weight 113 kg
Status Live

Nishino is one of the Yagyuu's Four Devas, he has incredible physical strength, but despite his hulking size, he enjoys eating kid's meals.

He was defeated by Kagura using Okita as mallet to break his dish alongside with Okita's own dish. Nishino is yet to be seen again in anime after Yagyuu incident.

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