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Murata Jintetsu (村田 仁鉄) is the father of the Murata siblings: older son Murata Tetsuya and younger daughter Murata Tetsuko. He was once renowned as the greatest swordsmith in Edo.

He had produced the original Benizakura sword. That sword was reputedly so sharp that it could slice through rock, and it gave off a pale reddish sheen under the moonlight, from which its namesake was derived. About 1 month after making the sword, the senior swordsmith suddenly passed away.


  • (To Tetsuya and Tetsuko) "All that a sword can do is kill people. It doesn't matter how hard you worked while forging it. Even so, we cannot stop our hammers. We would starve. No, that isn't the only reason. What we create our weapons. That is why we must keep hammering until the end. Not the iron, but your soul. While striking the iron, you must strike your very soul as well. Become a kind person. Live beautifully. If you live your life in that way, then the people that would use your swords for good will gather before you." [1]

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