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Megami is a lonely goddess of victory with a promiscuous love life. She has gone out with many spirits, including the Shinigami (who resembles Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach). She appeared in Episode 89 part B where she entered the dreams of Kondou Isao, Hijikata Toushirou and Okita Sougo to try and encourage the Shinsengumi but was eventually mentally broken by the sadistic Okita's sinister brand of romance (although it is unknown if the events that occurred were a dream or not). 


She is a completely naked humanoid and has very long orange hair which hides her breasts and lower parts. 




  • She greatly resembles Inoue Orihime from Bleach, with long orange hair, flower-shaped hair clips. The similarity is further enhanced by her relationship with the Shinigami and the fact her first appearance came after the appearance of Gintoki's sword spirit who greatly resembles Zangetsu.
  • She has the same voice actress as Madame Yagami.

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