Possibly the only 'Family and Relations' grouping in the Gintama series whereby all the characters died at the end of the story. The Mashiroi Group 魔死呂威組 is a yakuza syndicate, whose actual 'core business' is not knownverification/corroboration needed though the Yorozuya trio kept drawing (likely unfounded) parallels of the group's name to references to 'white powder' aka drugs purely on the basis of similar pronunciation. The group's name is derived from the family name of the head of the group, Mashiroi Kaguzou 魔死呂威 下愚蔵.

Family MembersEdit

Mashiroi-kaguzou mug
Mashiroi Kaguzou
魔死呂威 下愚蔵
Mashiroi-utsuzou mug
Mashiroi Utsuzou
魔死呂威 鬱蔵

Other Related CharactersEdit

Nakamura-kyoujirou mug
Nakamura Kyoujirou
中村 京次郎

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