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The Gintama manga is authored by Sorachi Hideaki, and the anime series is based on the manga. The manga was first serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump, interspersed with the occasional episode created by the anime creators themselves. In accordance to the manga's original premise, the series is a part-period drama, part science-fiction and 100% comedy; with elements of space monsters and aliens mixed with historical samurai and ninjas.

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Katsura Kotarou

Katsura mug
Katsura Kotarou (桂 小太郎) is the leader of the moderate Joui (攘夷) faction and a fugitive wanted by the authorities. He is a highly skilled samurai who fought alongside Sakata Gintoki in the Joui War and was his childhood classmate under the same tutelage of Yoshida Shouyou. He is also an expert in using bombs and escaping from Shinsengumi and penitentiaries.
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Episode 85

The Hard-boiled Detective - Chougorou of Kitsunebi brazenly issued an advanced notice that he will be stealing from the Edo Art Museum the famed Golden Tofu sculpture. Will Kozenigata and the Yorozuya gang be able to stop him? Read on ...
Episode 85
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    Standards for Self

    August 12, 2015 by Elshastara

    Here I will be keeping track of my standards and the format I want to have each page be in.

    FACT-based information. As few opinions as possible. Concise, easy-to-read. Precise vocabulary, used correct…

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  • Elshastara

    Basically, I'm going to keep a list of some of the more horrendous things I've read on this wiki, before I delete them all, to save them for posterity.

    on the Sakata Gintoki page

    • The entire deal with h…

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  • Elshastara

    Yeah. Copying the entire gintoki page onto google docs and just. fixing it all. The gintama wiki has long been notorious for being terribly written, badly organized, and biased; let's see if I can't …

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  • Cherriesa

    Kagura's clothes

    August 10, 2015 by Cherriesa

    Hello, I am new here so I didn't know where else to ask this question. I don't know how to use chat so I am asking here. Does anybody know what Kagura is wearing under her pink coat? For example, in …

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  • Kagura China Girl


    June 2, 2015 by Kagura China Girl

    Hello, I am new here, so I have a question. Do I have to ask for permission when I want to edit a page? I will only do minor modifications on some pages, and correct eventual grammar and spelling mis…

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