MADAO 間陀男 is a nickname first given by Kagura to Hasegawa Taizou in episode 16.

According to Kitaooji Daigorou school report, Madao is the master of the park. A creature with a beard and sunglasses. It sits in the park all day without work. But his teacher corrected him saying Madao is an unemployed middle-aged man living the park.

The abbreviation has since then been given several different meanings by different people

  1. MAru de DAme na Ossan - Good-for-nothing old man (Kagura ep. 16)
  2. MAjide DAsai Ossan - Really uncool old man (Oonishi)
  3. MAssa ni DArusou na Oyaji - Uncool looking old man (Job interviewer)
  4. MAttaku DArakushite Ossan - Really depraved old man (Job interviewer)
  5. MAttaku DAijoubu ja nai Okyaku - A customer who's really not alright (Otose)
  6. MAtomo ni DAkaretakunai Otoko - Men no one wants to date (Shimura Tae)
  7. MAttaku DAmesenai Otoboke - Fool who unconvincingly feigns ignorance (Okita Sougo)
  8. MAssugu ikite mo DAinashi na jinsei na Ojiisan - Old man who lives as he wants but accomplishes nothing (Kagura)
  9. MAmuDApAO - Floating Log, Drifter, Freeter, Famicon and Sinking old man. (Hingromaxon Cheif ep.204)

Meanings not directed to Hasegawa

  1. MAzui DAshi to Oage - Horrid bean curd
  2. MAji de DAkaetai Otoko - Man one seriously wants to date (Kondo Isao)

English translated terms

  1. Middle Aged Dumb Ass Oldies

Vietnamese translated terms

  1. Một-Anh-Đếch-Ăn-c

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