Gintama is set in a period of relative peace after Edo was invaded by the Amanto and the inhabitants had no choice but to accept these new outlanders as their new neighbours. It depicts Edo after it had been conquered by the aliens, and how it looks after they brought modern-day technology into a samurai country of ages past. Most of the story in Gintama is set in Edo itself, or in the sky above it, but the reader is also taken a few other places for various reasons.


Edo is the fictional city in which the protagonists of Gintama live and work. In real-life, Edo was the name of the Japanese capital Tokyo, before it was renamed in 1868, when the shogunate came to an end.

Kabuki District かぶき町

Kabuki District かぶき町 is a district in Edo in which most of the main characters live and work. It is ruled by the 4 Devas of Kabuki District かぶき町四天王: Otose お登勢, Kujaku Hime Kada 孔雀姫 華陀, Saigou Tokumori 西郷 特盛 and Doromizu Jirochou 泥水 次郎長. However, tension is tight between the 4 of them, and a war would soon break out over the supremacy in the district.

Buildings in Kabuki District


Yorozuya Gin Chan is located above Snack Otose

Yorozuya Gin-chan 万事屋銀ちゃん

Main article: Yorozuya Gin Chan 万事屋銀ちゃん

The home of Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時 and Kagura 神楽. Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 comes by almost every day as the Yorozuya Gin-chan 万事屋銀ちゃん also functions as their work-station where clients seek them out for their Odd-jobs to give them work. It is located on the second floor above Snack Otose スナックお登勢.


The sign above 'Snack Otose'

Snack Otose スナックお登勢

Main article: Snack Otose スナックお登勢

Snack Otose スナックお登勢, or 'Otose's Snack House', is a bar on the first floor below the Yorozuya Gin-chan 万事屋銀ちゃん. Otose お登勢 runs it with her two employees Catherine キャサリン and Tama 卵. Members of the Yorozuya are also often employed there when they can't pay the rent.


The front of the 'Snack Smile' cabaret club

Snack Smile スナックスマイル

Snack Smile スナックスマイル is a cabaret hostess club and the workplace for Shimura Tae 志村 妙, Oryou おりょう and Ane 阿音. The Yorozuya were also once employed there, after most of the hostesses were absent due to illness.


Entrance sign to the Drag Queen Clubhouse

Drag Queen Clubhouse

A clubhouse of okama aka drag queens. It is run by Saigou Tokumori 西郷 特盛. Gintoki and Katsura Kotarou 桂 小太郎 were once forced to dress up and become drag queens after insulting Saigou.


The front entrance of Takamagahara


Takamagahara is a male host club. It is run by Honjou Kyoushirou 本城 狂死郎.


Front of the Casino

Kujaku Hime Kada's Casino

Kujaku Hime Kada's Casino, or gambling den, was one of many owned by her in Kabuki District. After the truth came out about her, and she was imprisoned aboard a Harusame Spaceship, it remains uncertain who took over her gambling dens.

Other buildings in Edo


The Terminal is a large facility in the middle of Edo


The Terminal is a large facility located in central Edo. It is where most of the spaceships in and out of Edo arrive and depart. It has been given an 'Architectural Landmark' status by the Bakufu. [1]


The Edo General Hospital as seen from the front

Edo General Hospital

The Edo General Hospital is a building featured in various episodes of Gintama. Whether it's the Yorozuya themselves who get ill or hurt, or they're visiting someone else who are, it's usually at the Edo General Hospital they end up. Notable employees there are the Staff Nurse 婦長 and Uchino 内野.


The Hashida Corporation is located in a large skyscraper

Hashida Corporation

The Hashida Corporation is one of the biggest corporations in Edo. It is a family business currently run by Hashida Kahei 橋田 賀兵衛.


The entrance to Shinsengumi Headquarters

Shinsengumi Headquarters 真選組屯所

The Headquarters of the Shinsengumi is where they are debriefed and deployed. It also functions as a training dojo and a place for get-together.


The entrance to Koudoukan

Koudoukan 恒道館

Home of Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 and Shimura Tae 志村 妙, the Koudokan is their family dojo, passed down to them after their father died. The two siblings were originally working to get the dojo up and running again, but it has since been modified with an incredible amount of weaponry and armaments.


Bird's-eye view of the Yagyuu Family Estate

Yagyuu Family Estate 柳生一門

Home of the Yagyuu Family 柳生一門 and also their renowned dojo. During the Yagyuu chapter, the Yorozuya and members of the Shinsengumi would challenge the Yagyuu clan to a game where the goal was to break the opponents and their leader's plates. The entire area of this family estate was used for this match.


Frontal view of the Inuisei Embassy

Inuisei Embassy 戌威星大使館

The Inuisei Embassy 戌威星大使館 is the embassy of the Inui Amanto, one of the first amanto to come to Earth. It was one of the targets for Katsura's embassy bombings.


Entrance to the Murata family swordsmith

Murata Family Swordsmith

A swordsmith shop where the Murata Family 村田家族 once resided. It is now the home of the last known living relative, Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子.


Firefighter Headquarters front

Firefighter Headquarters

Headquarters of the firefighters. Notable members of the team are the Chief Fireman め組の頭 and Tatsumi 辰巳.

Buildings outside of Edo


The Yorozuya and Otae arriving at Senboukyou

Senboukyou 仙望郷

Senboukyou 仙望郷 is a hot springs bathhouse high up in the mountains. It is maintained by Oiwa お岩 and Rei レイ, and is a place where wandering spirits can find a place to rest.


Bird's-eye view of the Gokumontou prison fortress

Gokumontou 獄門島

Gokumontou 獄門島 is a prison located far out on the sea in which Katsura was once instated. It is actually more of a large iceland for holding prisoners. After almost all of them tried to escape by digging themselves out, the iceland looked like a Swiss cheese with its holes. However, they were later filled in.

Other cities


Yoshiwara as seen before its liberation

Yoshiwara Paradise 吉原桃源郷

The underground city of Yoshiwara Paradise 吉原桃源郷 is sustained by corrupt government officials. It is an area that is ignored by the government and beyond the reach of law. Once a city of eternal night ruled by Housen 鳳仙, its new ruler is now officially Kamui 神威. However, Kamui decided to leave it to itself, as he only became ruler so that noone else would lay their hands on his prey: Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時. Elevators are used to access the city, and as it was once a shipyard for building and repairing Bakufu ships, its ceiling is actually a large hatch that was opened during its liberation.


Ryuuguujou at the bottom of the ocean


Ryuuguujou or Dragon Palace City 竜宮城 is a large city located deep underwater. It was once a large, mobile interplanetary city. During the Dragon Palace chapter, Otohime 乙姫 would raise it from the ocean to attack Edo with an aging gas, making people grow old. However, she was defeated, and Ryuuguujou would sink into the depths of the sea again. It's uncertain whether it still functions as a city or place for living at all.


Once mentioned by Katsura Kotarou 桂 小太郎 as the hiding place for Takasugi Shinsuke 高杉 晋助 before his arrival in Edo.[2]



Takasugi's spaceship during the Benizakura chapter

Takasugi's Spaceship

Takasugi Shinsuke's spaceship has the appearance of a large, flying boat. It has been shown to be able to fly in the air as well as ride on water. Takasugi used this ship during the Benizakura chapter to bring his forces into Edo to try and overthrow the Bakufu.


The Kaientai is a fleet of spaceships

The Kaientai

Main article: Kaientai 快援隊

The Kaientai is Sakamoto Tatsuma's large, mobile trading company. It is a fleet consisting of various spaceships. Sakamoto has also armed his fleet with weapons as a form of defence against Space Pirates.

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