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The only one who can protect Tama-sama is I.
Leukocyte King

The Leukocyte King (白血球王, hakkekkyuu ou) is a part of the antivirus system Tama uses to defend her system. According to Tama, king is based on the strongest person she knows, which is Gintoki.


He looks exactly like Gintoki. The only differences between the two are that his eyes are turquoise (Gintoki's are reddish, maroon colored), and Leukocyte King wears a costume based on Loto.[1]


Although he looks exactly like Gin, his personality is different, not completely different, as you can still see some similarities in their behavior but, he is rather noble and more hero-like than Gintoki.

However, he exhibits human-like weaknesses as well as he can fall prey to temptations, like succumbing to the lure of treasure chests.



Tama Quest Arc

He first appears in episode 168 as a dog. After yorozuya start fighting with viruses, Tama reverts him back to his human form much to Gintoki's awe and dismay.


  • He is the fourth character whose appearance is based on Gintoki. The others being the protagonist of Kintama, the protagonist of Gintaman and a man that was drinking at a kiosk whose life and voice resembled Gintoki, leading viewers to think that it was Gintoki. verification/corroboration needed


  1. Loto is the main hero of the first three Dragon Quest game. Check out wikipedia for more information about him.

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