Let's Go Out is the 12th opening of Gintama/Kintama and is sung by AMOYAMO.

Characters AppearancesEdit



愛しき日々よ お元気ですか? 季節は巡り 時は流れて

地球は廻る 目醒めない 悪夢(ゆめ)の中に 僕を残して

゛この声を届たい!" あの日交わした 約束がある まだ知らない世界で(Hey!)

君を守れる(Let's Go Out!) 強い自分を取り戻す 魔法の言葉なら(Yeah!) ここにある


心の地図が示めしたWAY OUT (HEY!) 真っ直ぐな道じゃつまんない(LET'S GO OUT!) 冷たいこの世界を壊して(YEAH!) 逢いにゆく LET'S GO OUT

Japanese (Romaji)Edit

Itoshiki hibi yo Ogenki desu ka? Kisetsu wa meguri Toki wa nagarete

Chikyuu wa mawaru Mesamenai Yume no naka ni Boku wo nokoshite

Kono koe wo todoketai! Ano hi kawashita Yakusoku ga aru Mada shiranai sekai de (Hey!)

Kimi o mamoru (Lets Go out!) Tsuyoi jibun wo torimodosu Mahou no kotoba nara (Yeah!) Koko ni aru

HERE IN MY HEART (DREAM!) Kawaranai yume wo (LETS' GO OUT!) Nakutarishinai yo! HEY! LET'S GO OUT

Kokoro no chizu ga shimeshita WAY OUT (HEY!) Massugu na michi ja tsumannai (LET'S GO OUT!) Tsumetai kono sekai wo kowashite (YEAH!) Ai ni yuku LET'S GO OUT


To my beloved days... I ask if you're healthy? The seasons pass time flows the world is spinning..

Yet I can't wake up In my dreams My left over voice That I want to be heard...

Has a promise That we exchanged that day. On a yet unknown world (Hey!) I'll protect you (Lets Go out!)

Take back the strength of onself With these magic words (Yeah!) It's right here HERE IN MY HEART (DREAM!)

A neverchanging dream... That I don't want to lose! HEY! LET'S GO OUT The map of my heart has the way out marked (HEY!)

But the straightforward path is so boring. (LET'S GO OUT!) I'll break apart this cold hearted world. (YEAH!) To meet you. LET'S GO OUT



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