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Kyuubei strikes at Ougai but he blocks the strike with his horn. He sees their plan of using the log traps to hide her but retorts that her weak sword couldn't even break his horn. He grabs Kyuubei's sword and slams her into a wall while he swings his club. Gintoki blocks the strike and states that they may have not been able to break his horn but they can knock him down a few pegs before Kagura and Shinpachi knock Ougai into the railing. He mocks them again for their weak attacks before the portion of the fire escape he stands on collapses. Tae and the hostesses throw more logs on him and the watching Dakini.

Ougai angrily bursts through the pile of logs and declares that now he is serious and it is time to kill them all. Kyuubei lands on his sword, stabbing his sword arm and again mocks him for his dismissive attitude. Kagura and Shinpachi also land on him, striking at his other arm and his left leg respectively. The enraged Dakini leader curses them out until Gintoki rams a log into his face. The log shatters and Ougai kicks his right foot towards Gintoki; the samurai falls to the side while Ougai tells them they had no chance of winning, even because of using women and children. That is until he sees that his leg was covered in kunai. The group sees themselves surrounded by the Hyakka, lead by Tsukuyo, who reminds the Dakini that there were more women and children here and they should be prepared to face them. A rain of kunai falls on the Amanto army while Kyuubei, Shinpachi, and Kagura dodge.

Ougai survives the shower and wonders if it is over before seeing Gintoki, who survived the kick mostly unharmed thanks to the kunai, walking towards him. Gintoki responds that it's over while pushing a kunai lodged in his horn into Ougai's forehead, adding that if the person can't be "it", then he doesn't want to play with them anymore.

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