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The hostesses wonder who decapitated the Dakini and worry about Tae's safety. They then see Kyuubei stabbing another through the window with Tae jumping after her. The women run while being chased by more Amanto. Tae tells Kyuubei how happy she was that she came to help; Kyuubei admits that she wanted to take the elder Shimura away from everything like before but since then had resolved herself to be both manly and womanly enough to help Tae and the world she loved. The girls see two Dakini cornering them in their escape but the brutes are easily cut down by Bimbokusai before stabbing one of the other Dakani behind Tae. He amusingly tells his grandchild that the clan will have to abide with Kyuubei's wishes again; the Yagyuu 4 Devas agree, killing the Dakini behind the girls.

Meanwhile in the front gate, the okama and Shinsengumi continue to push back against the army. But the army quickly changes course and some soldiers break off to find other entrances into the district. And the district's defenses were already weakened since some of the army was already inside. The outside forces were then stopped in their tracks by the arrival of the Yagyuu school and volunteer forces. They also used the underground to enter the district and attack the Dakini. In the district, the Yorozuya see the new army's arrival and Gintoki mockingly states that the Yagyuu school took their time. Kyuubei in turn responds that she had also been waiting until this moment where they will help the Yorozuya in this war. And the two groups attack.

While fighting, the Devas and Bimbokusai admit that it had been a long while since the Yagyuu Arc that they have been able to fight in a battle. Worse that they lost their standing as the Shogun's instructors since the Amanto came. Bimbokusai states that now in this war, their swords have a purpose, to save Earth, even if they win or lose. Nishino leads a group of men and declares that they will make the Yagyuu School famous in the universe. He is suddenly knocked into a building by Ougai with the stunned school looking on. The force still attacks the Dakini leader, who easily swats them aside and the Yorozuya and Kyuubei confront him.

In an alley, a couple of the Yagyuu/volunteer force take the hostesses into the sewers to a safe place. Tae, who watched the entire thing, admits to Oryou that even if she didn't know if there was a safe place on the surface, she do know where the most dangerous place on the surface was.

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