Hata tells his brother Barkus, that he will remain as prince until Barkus returns so the two can rule together as King Dragonia. After Barkus leaves in self-exile, he had been wandering around the galaxy, trying to find a place for himself. During his wanderings, he abandoned his past and his chinko, fully involving himself to battles, to the point where he started his rivalry with Enchou. Shijaku admits that all his searching had lead him here; seeing his younger brother still waiting for him, Shijaku realized that he was running away. He declares to Hata that he will not run away anymore and that he has returned. He tells Dan to stand down and unite with the the large chinko faction to stop the Liberation Army.

Dan still tells his soldiers to shoot, believing this to be a trick, but the men hesitate as an enormous member's appearance was familiar. Shijaku wonders what is happening and is forced to belatedly realize that everyone in the ark had ignored his speech in favor of the shock that Elizabeth, who knocked himself out protecting Katsura from the bullets, had a very long p*nis coming out of his costume. Nes immediately declares that Elizabeth was actually their supposedly long dead eldest brother, Dragonia. Dan's men shoot just to be knocked back by the snake-like appendage. The appendage reveals that it had amnesia until the concussion awakened some of his memories. After falling down the cliff, he laid dying at the bottom. Strange ghosts appeared before him and told him that he belonged to them now. Dragonia suddenly stabbed the speaker, but the speaker smirked and hugged him before an explosion happened. Somehow Dragonia became a long snake-like genitalia inside a 'costume".

Hata desperately denies that the figure before him was his older brother but everyone else, including Nes, immediately bowed at the figure declaring him king and asking him to return and rule over them. Dragonia instead insists that it is no longer his name, he had become Elizabeth of Earth. But he will help bring Shijaku and Hata together as the true king, asking his former subjects to help his brothers, along with helping Earth.


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