The Army tanks are surprised that some of their own shot at them but they, the Yorozuya, and Nobume watch stunned as said tanks contained the returned Shinsengumi. Kondou, Okita, Hijikata and some of the Shinsengumi rush towards the soldiers while declaring to the Yorozuya that the country isn't done for yet. At the same time, the spaceships find that the Shogunate palace remains standing and fires at it again. A stunned Soyo watches as the missiles are destroyed before reaching the building due to being intercepted. A group of ships arrive behind it lead by Matsudaira, who admit to gathering his army for Nobu Nobu but tells the army to leave this empty country since the head is back. Both he and Kondou declare that only the people who live here have a say in this country's future and the two teams attack the Army. The Yorozuya join in in the fighting with the Shinsengumi trio.

While fighting, Okita reveals that Matsudaira's faction absorbed all of Japan's rebel groups, gained some officers of the old bakufu, got support from other Earth countries, along with extra ships and troops. Gintoki wonders if all that gathered power will be enough to fight the entire universe as a larger tank arrives in front of them. Kondou declares that it is not just their might that got stronger. He decides to prove to them that he also got stronger by taking off his headband... which cracks the ground. He further takes off all his weighted clothes including his crotch mosaic, now being able to unleash his full power. The tank attacks him, but he easily dodges the strike and missiles yet in a way that exposes himself. Unfortunately, he accidentally steps on his mosaic and collapses as the mosaic also contains his testicles.

Shinpachi carries Kondou away while Hijikata and Okita decides to unleash their full power. Hijikata actives his "power up" by crushing his cigarette pack (which only indicates that he has cut back on smoking) while Okita squeezes a bottle of mayonnaise (which is just him wasting the condiment just to bother Hijikata as usual); the two then rush towards the large tank. Shinpachi angrily declares they haven't changed while Gintoki notes they've gotten worse. A figure behind Gintoki agrees with them as they shoot the tank with a bazooka, destroying it before the other two Shinsengumi can attack. He also adds that this just means their spirit to protect Edo hasn't changed, either. This figure, who looks like Rambo, is revealed to be... Yamazaki.


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