Siblings (兄妹, Kyōdai) is the 589th chapter of the Gintama series. The battle between Kagura and Kamui comes to its conclusion.


The blow manages to knock the Yato siblings back. As everyone lay on the ground trying to regain their composure, they notice Kamui standing up from the debris. He broke his silence by demanding his Yato blood to stay away from the fight between him and Kagura; he will not lose to his little sister anymore.

Reflecting on his past, Kamui begins to note the contrast between both his father and his cowardice against Kagura’s bravery in facing their mother’s inevitable death, and how she stood by the dysfunctional family after that fateful day. Trailing off his thoughts, Kamui told Kagura to let him, her older brother, win their fight for once. The siblings proceed to exchange blows with their fists, but they stopped in midair. Kamui instead falls on Kagura’s shoulder while Kagura wraps her arm around Kamui’s neck. Stating how his fist can never defeat his little sister, the siblings’ battle ended with Kagura hugging her worn-out brother.

Flashback occurs, with a flustered Umibouzu enters the room just as a crying Kagura tries to keep her dying mother awake. When Umibouzu picks her up, Kouka sees him and visions of the missing Kamui coming home and welcomes them back. Telling Kagura they are finally reunited and could go to Earth as a family, Kouka passes away in Umibouzu’s arms. While describing their mother’s final moments to Kamui, Kagura tells him how they are still a family despite him trying to break away, and begins to shed tears. Kamui begins to see illusions of Kouka patting him as Kagura’s tears fell onto his face.

Gintoki, Shinpachi and Abuto begin to make their way towards the siblings. Abuto, who notices his captain’s face, notes how his fearless and powerful captain fell because of his little sister’s tears - Kamui is seen crying for the first time.


  • Kamui: (To Kagura) ...A big brother can't just keep losing to his little sister, right? So let me have this win already, little sister.
  • Kagura: (To Kamui) The battle is over now, yes? Whether because you could not hit me, or because you would not hit me, a big brother's fists cannot defeat a little sister. You cannot break free from your little sister's hands.
  • Abuto: (To himself) No matter how many thousands of times he was hit, he didn't collapse. The strongest man in Harusame, our captain, fell to just a single one of his little sister's tears...


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Kamui
  2. Kagura
  3. Sakata Gintoki
  4. Shimura Shinpachi
  5. Abuto
  6. Kouka
  7. Umibouzu (In flashbacks)


  1. The results of the 4th Gintama Character Poll is also published together with this chapter.