Lesson 565, titled Toys, is the 565st chapter of the Gintama series.


Shoukaku reiterates that his division stand down from attacking, surprising Katsura. He admits that what he's done broke many Harusame rules but the pirate organisation itself has become nothing more than pawns to Utsuro. The Joui patriot wonders what the Tendoushuu member was planning; Shoukaku echoes the question and believes that they all have no choice but to dance to his tune. Katsura tells the monkey that his group are no one's toys; Shoukaku states that his friends should be careful of his fellow Ominous Star, who just like Utsuro, has the ability to make enemies and allies become his pawns.

The Kaientai ships attack some of the Harusame ships and are about to flee before the main ship is shot at. Sakamoto is shocked to learn that it came from his own ships. At the same time in another part of the main ship that houses the prisoner Nobu Nobu, said man watches in horror from his prison as the guards are being controlled by the 3rd division captain, Hankai. In the control room, Mutsu reveals that the other Kaientai ships have been hacked by someone and Hankai reveals himself on the video screen.

When some of the Kaientai began to attack Sakamoto, Mutsu, and the other men, Hankai reveals that he hold countless nanomachines within his robotic body. With them, he has the ability to infect people and brainwash them to become his "Third Division". Sakamoto throws the brainwashed men out the control room and tells his men to seal the entrance. Mutsu joins Sakamoto and they both decide to fight through the brainwashed to confront Hankai.

Characters Edit

  1. Katsura Kotarou
  2. Neptune Shoukaku
  3. Harusame
  4. Utsuro (cameo)
  5. Sakamoto Tatsuma
  6. Mutsu
  7. Kaientai
  8. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu (cameo)
  9. Uranus Hankai

Quotes Edit

  • Shoukaku: ... I've always hated acting in groups. So I don't know how many laws and rules I've broken. But Harusame doesn't have any of those laws keeping the organisation afloat. We don't even have the freedom that pirates always tout. We've been downgraded to being toys of one man. So I'm gonna fight the way i want, too.
  • Sakamoto: Whether it's backwards or sideways, what we care about is the center. The only path that I, Sakamoto Tatsuma, take is the one towards the future.
  • Shoukaku: (About Hankai) Against that guy, enemies, allies, everyone in the battlefield just become toys dancing in his palm.
  • Mutsu: No need to worry. I've been infected a long time ago. I caught your stupidity.

Trivia Edit

  • Hankai is called a Zaku, a Mobile Suit Gundum for Zeon grunts as his face looks like one.

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