Lesson 564, titled Zura, is the 564st chapter of the Gintama series.


Continuing from the last chapter, Katsura stabs Shoukaku with his own pole but the monkey is able to retake it, throwing the patriot into some debris. Shoukaku tries to catch his breath but Katsura once again attacks. Fighting back, Shoukaku notes how Katsura was fighting like a wild animal. The captain throws a punch that is blocked by Katsura's hand, breaking the blocking hand; Katsura in turn tries to stab Shoukaku in the face, the monkey blocks with his arm, resulting in losing said arm. When Shoukaku slams Katsura into another building, he realizes that Katsura had willingly put his life on the line to defeat him. Katsura breaks his pole and tries to slash Shoukaku; the monkey is cut, but the patriot's sword breaks. Shoukaku again commends Katsura's prowess and kicks down at Katsura through the window canopies; along the way down, Katsura stabs Shoukaku in the stomach with his broken sword. The two land hard on their backs apart. They, badly beaten, slowly rise to their feet, telling the other that they had one more ace up their sleeves.

Back in the past, young Katsura, Gintoki, and Takasugi lay exhausted in the dojo, after their match from the previous chapter. Katsura stated that only he had what it takes to be a general. Gintoki refused to admit it, but concedes that Katsura had the hardest head. Takasugi also refused to admit it, telling neither of the previous two were 'general' caliber. Katsura helped them up, thinking that all three of them would become good generals. He also was happy to have Gintoki and Takasugi as friends where he can be himself.

Back to the fight, the two men's trump cards were their hard heads. After giving each other a head-butt, Katsura wins. The panicking 4th division starts to aim for Katsura, but Shoukoku tells them to stand down. He admits that Katsura is the better man and concedes defeat.



  • Shoukaku: This guy (Katsura) didn't forget himself one bit. He threw away his self. By his own will. He's using his own life to take down an enemy's.
  • Young Katsura: Even if someday there comes a day when each one of us is a general leading our own groups, the three of us (Katsura, Takasugi, Gintoki) are all right. When it comes back to it being the three of us, I can forget everything and laugh with you guys. I can forget everything and cry with you guys, as just Zura (a friend). Let's fight together!

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