Lesson 562, titled The Noble Youth Of Madness, is the 562st chapter of the Gintama series.


Shoukaku gives a long winded introduction of himself and Katsura does the same. The two start to argue about long winded introductions and the feasibility of shortening it. The monkey captain attacks and Katsura blocks, impressing him. While fighting, Katsura is knocked back and Shoukaku starts to strike but has a bomb thrown in his face. The monkey swallows it whole as it explodes and finishes the attack; he is almost unscathed except for a few broken teeth. But it's revealed that the Joui patriot had dodged the pole strike and replaced himself with a few more bombs, adding more as he flees.

As he and the other Jouishishi escape, they are hit with a Harusame barrage. Katsura asks Elizabeth and the men to continue running and not look back. Elizabeth responds that they have always done so, thanks to having Katsura as their leader. Everyone continues to run while Katsura stops to face the still unscathed Shoukaku walking out of the smoke. Katsura admits to himself that he can't defeat the Harusame captain as a samurai fighting for others; he has no choice but to fight for himself to have a chance.



  • Shoukaku: Interesting! I hate little tricks, too!! So you crawled your way up here using that broken pole?!! Even if he abtains ships that traverse the stars, Man has not evolved! Forget standing on the moon, we want to stand on top of the enemies we've beaten to the floor! Nothing's changed from the days when we crawled on the ground! We're all monkeys! So let's see which one of us stands on top of Monkey Mountain!
  • Elizabeth: Katsura-san, we have never once stopped these legs of ours. We've always been running with you, believing you were heading towards tomorrow. That's not going to change. We simply run with you.
  • Katsura: As I am now, I have no chance of winning this fight. As a general leading an organization, I cannot beat that thing. So I must go back. Not for the organization nor for my comrades. I will simply swing my sword for myself. As a lone samurai.


  • First stated in Lesson 557, this and the next chapter confirms that Gintoki, Sakamoto, Katsura, and Takasugi were called the Four Heavenly Kings during the Joui Wars.
  • The Noble Youth of Madness is one Katsura's widely known nicknames in the Joui Wars.

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