Lesson 561, titled Warrior's Song, is the 561st chapter of the Gintama series.


As the battle progressed, the defeated pirates wondered why they are going against stronger opponents then they originally believed. Mutsu, Shinpachi, and Elizabeth told the men that despite their different backgrounds, they all stood under the same battlefield for the same cause: they are samurai. A spaceship shot down at them, knocking Shinpachi off his feet and getting a few pirates a chance to attack him. Though, they were stopped by Bansai's strings and finished off by Katsura, Sakamoto, and Gintoki.

Bansai mocked the trio on being shinigami, to which Sakamoto and Katsura took offense. Another cannon fire then destroyed the roof, thus separating the samurai and 'confirming' Bansai's statement. Deciding to separate the Harusame, Sakamoto and the Kaientai would get rid of their ships, while Katsura's Joui faction would draw some of the enemy to them, leaving the others finding Takasugi.

Meanwhile, as Umibouzu, the Kiheitai and the 7th Division fled, they were soon found by Utsuro and Oboro. Oboro confirmed that the information leaks were indeed from Umibouzu and that he tricked the Harusume to save his son instead. Utsuro refuted this, telling his subordinate that the hunter indeed wished to kill his son and would only kill those who interfere with this one goal. He then happily admitted that Umibouzu may be the one that can kill him.

After Umibouzu destroyed the tailing ships, the group hid in a forest, watching fleets of Harusame men disembark. Abuto was impressed with the Harusame sending six of their divisions to Rakuyou, three of which were only after Umibouzu. Abuto then noted that since the pirates were conducting a Yato genocide, they had a better chance of survival if they work with the legendary figure that wishes to kill their captain.

Then, under Umibouzu's request, Abuto informed him of the three divisions after them: the 9th, 10th, and the 1st Division, led by the last Division's leader, Shirei, a notable sharp-witted veteran. Though, he also warned Umibouzu about the Three Ominous Stars, three dangerous division leaders who were notable criminals:

  • The strongest and most athletic assassin, 4th Division leader, Neptune Shoukaku, who confronted Katsura's faction
  • The leader and only member of the 3rd Division, known for his chessmaster skills and trickery, Uranus Hankai, who was watching the Kaientai)
  • The Harusame's strongest swordsman who wields a telepathic eye, 2nd Division leader Pluto Batou, who confronted Gintoki and his group


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  • Mutsu, Elizabeth and Shimura Shinpachi: Even if our blood is different, we have all vowed to stand on the same battlefield and spill our blood for the same cause. We are samurai!
  • Utsuro: (Referring to Umibouzu) Because I've finally found one. One that I had never before met in the life of mine that seems infinite. A being that may be able to kill me.