Lesson 560, titled Final Blade, is the 560th chapter of the Gintama series.


Thanks to Umibouzu, Abuto, the 7th Division and the Kiheitai had escaped from their hiding place before it exploded. At the same time, Umibouzu decided to focus his target on Utsuro, as the Tendoushuu member would not stop searching for Kamui as well as trying to kill him.

Meanwhile, on the streets, Bansai lamented on how blind he was, having not realized that the Kiheitai had been fracturing from inside because of Takasugi's fall, though Gintoki considered that as a chance to have his Joui comrades appeared. As Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto rushed towards a Harusame-occupied building under a hail of gunfire, with Gintoki defeating the men in the first floor, the remaining pirates were attacked by the rest of the Yorozuya-Jouishishi-Kaientai alliance. When Bansai realized that the three men were only a distraction so that the rest can attack the pirates, he was once again awed by Gintoki's, Katsura's and Sakamoto's prowess.

A few buildings away and watching the fight on a rooftop were two Harusame division leaders, Shoukaku and Hankai. Shoukaku was impressed with them defeating his division, while Hankai chastised his comrade for recklessly underestimating the opponent. Batou, the 2nd Division's leader arrived and told them that their opponents are remnants of samurai. Shoukaku revealed Batou, once an Amanto mercenary fighter in the Joui War, was a powerful swordsman. He admitted that there was one person he couldn't defeat, who was implied to be Gintoki. He then told his comrades to divide the samurai and kill them one by one.


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  • Umibouzu: (Referring to Utsuro) And if they've got that to resolve, I've got to have it, too. The most resolve in the 25 years I've been an alien hunter. To hunt a dangerous creature.
  • Sakata Gintoki: In a war, anybody who's carrying the weight of regret will die straight away. The only weight a samurai needs to bear is a single blade.
  • Sakata Gintoki: (To Kawakami Bansai) Run faster that the shinigami that's hot on your heels.
  • Kawakami Bansai: (Referring to Gintoki, Katsura and Sakamoto) Truly they have been broken by the era. They became beings like chipped, dull, useless blades. But even after being continuously beaten, broken and pushed down, the final iron that remains here has worked its way up to be something that can cut through any metal in the universe to pieces. They may be our last blade, our last hope.
  • Batou: Here, today, we, Harusame, will end the history of samurai.