Lesson 558 is the 558th chapter of the Gintama series.


With Nobu Nobu threatening to blow up the Kaientai fleet if they moved, Gintoki, Sakamoto, Katsura and their comrades proceeded to defeat the Bakufu retainers, as Bansai watched them with awe. Taking Nobu Nobu as a hostage by the trio, they requested the other Bakufu ships to retreat. The Shogun in turn angrily berated his surbodinates for being useless and demanded them to commit seppuku for their failure, only to be punched by Bansai, who told the men that it was no longer worth being loyal to the Bafuku.

After that, Gintoki asked Bansai how he felt, now that the Kiheitai had finally succeeded in bringing down the Shogunate. However, he admitted it was hollow as another puppet replace Nobu Nobu. He pointed out that while Nobu Nobu became lonely at the top, a fallen Takasugi had other people gathered around him. Bansai then decided to tell them the secret Kiheitai rendezvous point, convincing himself that the trio's help was neccessary for this.

In a rundown building, an in-coma Takasugi was watched over by Abuto, who wondered what Takasugi and Kamui dream about while being surrounded by war and destruction. As he walked out, it was revealed that the secret hideout was Kamui's hometown on the Yato's home planet, Rakuyo. Besides the planet being a haven for outcasts, which makes it a hiding place, Abuto concluded to the just-arrived Umibouzu that it was also chosen partially because of Kamui's homesickness.


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