Lesson 553 is the 553rd chapter of the Gintama series.


Seeing Matako's appearance, the astonished Yorozuya called her "manko," causing her to angrily fire another bullet, which was quickly cut down by Nobume.

Matako continued accusing Nobume of betrayal, only to be replied that only Sasaki was the Kiheitai's ally, much to her and Takechi's disappointment. However, Nobume suggested the two asking for help from the Yorozuya "Akiba branch," now that Katsura and Gintoki were there. She went on asking about Takasugi, who was still in coma.

According to Matako and Takechi, after the betrayal of Nobu Nobu and the Harusame, Kamui's 7th Division went on attacking the space pirates and eventually managed to capture one of their stronghold, Nanten Tower, which turned out to be a bomb that killed half of the division.

Kamui and Abuto, apparently having survived, continued on assualting a Harusame spaceship to make time for the Kiheitai to take Takasugi and escape, as Abuto noted the enemy's effort to kill them. There, the two Yatos acknowledged that the Harusame was working with someone who can kill a Yato opponent, who turned out to be Umibouzu. Afterwards, Kamui and his 7th Division, as well as Takasugi, completely disappeared.

Back then, due to an explosion, Matako could not bring Takasugi out of their spacecraft and had to escape with Takechi, whereas Bansai stayed to defend Takasugi against the Harusame.

Despite Matako's pleas, Gintoki refused to help her. Nobume told him that, because of the Harusame's connection to the Tendoshu, they had to defeat the syndicate to reduce the Tendoshu's power and change the country.


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  • Kamui: Abuto, when rabbits get lonely, they die. I'd better send my thanks to the enemy for providing us with such a bustling playground.
  • Abuto: (Referring to Umibouzu and Kamui) There are only two people in all the universe that can pull shit like this against Yato opponents. That idiot father and his idiot son.
  • Kawakami Bansai: Run, Matako. I swear I will bring Shinsuke. So, survive. Do not let the Kiheitai end.
  • Imai Nobume: (To Sakata Gintoki) For that end, I need your, the disciples of Shouyou's, power.