Lesson 541, titled Star of Freedom, is the 541st chapter of the Gintama series.


Watching the Mimawarigumi fighting against the Naraku, a shocked Hijikata learned of Sasaki's true intention from Matsudaira. Sasaki, however, denied his claims and stated that he was only looking for a place to send an email, referring to his family's death.

On the rock wall, Gintoki still combated against Oboro, who claimed that his scream had reached the heavens. A masked Tendoshu member appeared and shot down Gintoki's place, resulting in an explosion.

Somewhere else, Kagura talked to Nobume about the latter's actions and convinced her that she could live freely on Earth. Suddenly, Nobume pushed Kagura away from a coming shakujo, only to be stabbed by a dagger in the stomach and collapse. Nearby, Utsuro appeared, coming towards the trio.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Hijikata Toushirou
  2. Sasaki Isaburo
  3. Matsudaira Katakuriko
  4. Kondou Isao
  5. Saitou Shimaru
  6. Sakata Gintoki
  7. Oboro
  8. Utsuro (unnamed)
  9. Okita Sougo
  10. Kagura
  11. Imai Nobume
  12. Shimura Shinpachi (flashback)
  13. Tsukuyo (flashback)
  14. Yoshida Shouyou (flashback)


  • Sasaki Isaburo: (To Matsudaira Katakuriko, referring to a mail to his wife) If I'm on top of the wreckage of this country, on top of the corpses of the samurai, I'm sure it will send.
  • Oboro: (To Sakata Gintoki) Your scream have finally reached the heavens. And it seems they will be handing down their judgement personally.
  • Kagura: (To Imai Nobume) This planet Earth is a star of freedom, yes? Here, it is okay to live the way to want to.

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