Lesson 521 is the 521st chapter of the Gintama series.


As Takasugi collapsed, the Naraku turned up, revealing Oboro to be the one who threw the shakujo. In the forest, Kagura and Kamui continued battling, with Kagura losing. In a moment, Kamui seemed to be delivering the final blow to his sister. In fact, he defeated several Naraku members hiding around them, and the siblings were soon surrounded by more of them.

In another battlefield, the battle between the Oniwabanshuu and Abuto's division was interrupted by the sight of the Tendoshuu's ships. Abuto was informed that his 7th Division was surrounded by the Harusame fleet. As he realised that the Harusame had turned against him, three Naraku members attacked him.

At the moment, Shinpachi led the Shogun, Hattori, Ayame and other shinobi through the secret cave, believing that they would be safe soon. Nevertheless, the Tendoshuu had been waiting them at the end of their way. Using the Shogun's formerly-dismissed resignation decree, they dismissed Shige Shige as the Shogun and made Nobu Nobu the new Shogun, as well as their new puppet.


Characters in order of appearance


  • Oboro: I believe I told you to not waste lives taken in by your master. Divine revelations conveyed by the Yatagarasu are not given twice, disciples of Shouyou.
  • Kagura: (To Kamui) Maybe for you, with short legs like Poppy. But me, who has the body of a model like Mommy, I can make it in one step!!
  • Hijikata Toushirou: We're just gonna end up as fertilizer in the dirt anyhow, so it's the same thing whether we go down on a bed of flowers or a footpath between rice fields. So I'm gonna die next to my Shogun.

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