Summary Edit

Shinpachi visits an eerily decrepit store to buy a new pair of glasses for cheap. The owner subtlety makes the teen choose a pair of strange glasses called Norowa Letah that can let him see the 'truth just as it is, clearly and distinctly'. In reality, the lens not only can let him see the invisible mysterious beings attached to a lot of peoples' backs, but also gives him information about them, calling them Shugorei or Guardian Spirits. Worse, he can't take them off and returning to the store, he finds that it has vanished without a trace.

He rushes to the Yorozuya to ask for Gintoki's help but is easily cowed by Gintoki's spirit. Shinpachi also comes face to face with Kagura's and Sadaharu's own Guardian Spirits. The trio later goes to a mandatory athletics festival, which Shinpachi sees as an equally secret war between the spirits, with Gintoki's and Kagura's having a reputation as the strongest. The spirits decide to attack the vulnerable Shinpachi until they are swatted away by Hasegawa, who is revealed to be a spirit and also holding a famous reputation. He shows Shinpachi that the Spirits and their masters has a symbiotic connection, if the spirit does well, the master does well; if the spirit does bad, so does the master (shown by the masters falling ill due to their spirits being defeated... by their own money-hungry teammates, Gintoki and Kagura and their spirits).

Characters Edit

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Shimura Tae
  2. Shimura Shinpachi (main character)
  3. Sakata Gintoki
  4. Kagura
  5. Sadaharu (cameo)
  6. Otose (cameo)
  7. Hasegawa Taizou

Guardian SpiritsEdit

  • Gintoki: Spirit Name:Asraman
    • Created from the malice of six toy erasers child Gintoki discarded from a vending machine (thus looking like a humanoid muscular being with three heads and six arms). It does everything in its power to get revenge on Gintoki every chance it gets. Based on the character Asuraman from the manga Kinnikuman (Eng. Ultimate Muscle).
  • Kagura: Spirit Name: Alchu
    • Created from the combination of Kagura's self-made stuffed Pikachu and a drunken Gintoki vomiting on it (thus looking like a drunken Gintoki in a Pikachu suit). It's hopelessly an alcoholic and cares mainly about alcohol. Based on Pikachu from Pokémon.
  • Sadaharu: Spirit Name: God Knight
    • Temporarily created from the malice of Gintoki every morning having no toilet tissue (caused by Asraman erasing it) and no one getting him more (caused by Alchu not 'telling' his master about it; thus looking exactly like Gintoki). As the spirit goes to the store to get more tissue, it takes Sadaharu out for a walk.
  • Hasegawa: Spirit Name: Madao
    • Is an enlightened living corpse whose main body (thus looking exactly like Hasegawa) is the sunglasses he always wear. Part of the running gag of Hasegawa being identified as his sunglasses and his Madao nickname.

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