Lesson 487 is the 487th chapter of the Gintama series.


In an attempt to find a job, Madao complained to Gintoki of his ID photos, believing that it was the photo booth's fault rather than his. Choosing a nearby photo booth, Gintoki convinced him that 20% of an ID photo is his true form, as the booth gave out the photo of a long-haired, 80%-different version of Hasegawa, who is believed to be his guardian spirit. After another take, the photos included several "guardian spirits" behind Madao, much to his abhor.

However, Gintoki pointed out that it was because of the "falsifying your history" mode, and the men struggled to choose an appropriate mode for an ID photo. Though, the machine ended up telling Hasegawa that rebuilding his family was impossible and mocked him continuously before taking a Korean-styled photo set. Frustrated, they tried with the settings again, only to make the booth adopt a parental role towards Madao.

Suddenly, Katsura appeared and, to apply for a position in the Shinsengumi, took a set at the booth, which was said to be a purveyor of the Jouishishi. Though, the photo booth demanded a bribe to hide the deal and, upon receiving more money, opened a party with geisha for Katsura. Eventually, it took a photo set of a drunken-looking Katsura as fake ID photos.

As soon as Katsura left, Sougo visited the booth to have a photo for his license of handling the universe's poisonous and hazardous substances. However, Sougo lifted the seat to the highest level and refused to pay money, citing his seat as the reason. Completely scared of his sadism, the machine vomited photos of Katsura and Madao for Okita. As he paid extra money, it also opened a feast for him, and a set of drunken-looking Sougo was taken.

Disgusted by its true nature, Hasegawa wanted to leave, but having no money left, he had to use Sougo's extra pay to take one more photo there. Before leaving, Gintoki took Madao's glass and encouraged him to take a photo of his true self, telling him to "do it buck naked." Some time later, the Yorozuya received a resume from Hasegawa, who had literally taken an ID photo of himself naked. Gintoki then told Kagura to use the paper to wipe Sadaharu's poop.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Hasegawa Taizou
  2. Sakata Gintoki
  3. Katsura Kotarou
  4. Okita Sougo
  5. Shimura Shinpachi
  6. Kagura
  7. Sadaharu


  • This Lesson refers to what happened in the directly-following Afro Arc, in which Katsura Kotarou infiltrated into the Shinsengumi, and Okita poisoned Hijikata's mayonnaise bottles.
  • This might be the only chapter that will not be adapted into an anime