The two teams are now entering a Charisma Contest where they have to hit on Otsu and try to get her to a place somewhere with nice and quiet accommodations (shortly a love hotel), but of course this will only be a simulation. First are The Tsusengumi. After deciding on Hijikata as the one who'll be hitting on Otsu they set off a scene in a bar. In the end he successfully manages to get Otsu to go with him to a love hotel. The next turn is Terakado Tsu Fan Club. Therefore, Gintoki sets off an adventure scene in the desert, which has nothing to do with a romantic situation. But in the end they too succeed in getting Otsu in the Garanda Vehotel (sounds like Grand Love Hotel). Then Otsu decides on the winner, who are the members of the Terakado Tsu Fan Club. Now each team has won and lost one contest. The competitions enters its final match.



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