Concerned Mother of Kuroita Hachirou 黒板八郎 came to Edo searching for news of her son, not knowing that he has undergone drastic plastic surgery and has adopted the new name of Honjou Kyoushirou 本城 狂死郎. Honjou's 本城 partner is Hachirou 八郎, who used to be Hanako 花子 (note the female name) before undergoing surgery as well. Both Honjou 本城 and Hachirou 八郎 work as male hosts in a male host club owned by Honjou 本城 called Takamagahara 「高天原 」. Hachirou 八郎 (previously known as Hanako 花子) is not related to Hachirou's Mother.

Family MembersEdit

Kyoushirou mug
Honjou Kyoushirou
本城 狂死郎
Hachirou-mother mug
Hachirou's Mother

Other Related CharactersEdit

Hachirou mug

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