Kanbei (広瀬 正志) is a legendary gambler also know as Tsukiyomi no Kanbee.


Kanbei has long greyish hair and a beard, a long scar covers his right eye.


He is a rather nice person,helping Gintoki and Hasegawa during their losing streak at the bar.


He is first encountered by Gintoki and Hasegawa during their losing streak. After discovering that the legendary gambler is cheating, the three are taken prisoner by Kujaku Hime Kada and told to play Mahjong against one of her players. During the match their opponent asks if Kanbei could really read luck to which he recalls the incident in which his eye was damaged. He had to cut his luck-reading right eye deliberately in order to rescue a friend who was held hostage.


  • Tskukyomi has the meaning of luck,that easily attaches to his epithet.

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