Kagura's outfitEdit

She wears different outfits in every episodes.

first outfitEdit

Artwork of Kagura
She wearing red Chinese Duangua with yellow piping outfit and black flats shoes.
Kagura's 1st outfits.

second outfitEdit

Kagura Chibi
She wearing red cheongsam with yellow piping and black boots.
Kagura's 2nd outfit

third outfitEdit

Kagura Episode 88
She wearing wearing red Duangua with yellow pipingtop, black Duangue bottom and Black Flat shoes.
Kagura's 3rd Outfit

Kagura's pajamasEdit

Kagura Episode 173
She wearing pink Duangua as her pajamas.

Kagura's School UniformEdit

Kagura and Sadaharu
She wearing her school uniform during of Class 3-Z.
Class 3-Z

Kagura's future outfitEdit

Kagura yorozuya
Kagura has long hair, she has one hair bun cover on her right side head. She wearing a cheongsam with the designs of Gintoki's kimono without a left sleeve and a huge umbrella as her accessory.
Movie 2

Kagura's Male Host disguiseEdit

Kagura host
During Mother Arc and Host Club Arc Kagura's hair left slick back hair and her outfits red suit and black tie.

Kagura's ghost disguiseEdit

Kagura exorcist
In Episode 20 she wears a supposed disguise akin to a jiangshi.
Episode 20

Kagura's poor child disguiseEdit

In Episode 47 she tired to high short ponytail. She wearing yellow yukata with a rabbit design on it. Later she wearing on Episode 218.
Episode 47

Kagura's beetle hunting outfitEdit

Kagura the beetle hunter
In Episode 65 Kagura tried to low twin tails. On top of her head is straw hat. she wearing red sleeveless duangua with yellow piping outfit and black flats shoes.
Episode 65

Kagura's japanese ghost costumeEdit

Kagura Episode 68
In Episode 68 She wearing on her head is Triangular Headpiece and she wear white yukata.
Episode 68

Kagura's Shinsengumi UniformEdit

Kagura shinsengumi
During the Shinsengumi Crisis Arc she wearing the shinsengumi uniform
Shinsengumi Crisis Arc

Kagura's Yoshiwara outfitEdit

During the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc Kagura tried a single bun on top on her head a hair pin. she wearing a red short kimono with a yellow obi on her back. on her feet she have red and black strip on thigh high socks and black boots.
Yoshiwara in Flames Arc

Kagura's barber disguiseEdit

During the Barber Arc Kagura wearing a orange bob cut wig and wearing Barber outfit.
Barber Arc

Kagura's Tsuu fanclub outfitEdit

During the Otsu Arc kagura wearing a open blue Kimono Shirt she had bandaged sarashi and gray Hakama bottom and white tabi socks.
Otsu Arc

Kagura Two Years outfitEdit

Kagura in episode 202
Druing the Timeskip Arc Kagura's hair was longer and fastened with clips. She also wore goggles. She wore a two piece outfit that resembled a cheong sam and revealed her midriff, laced with gold. The top piece has a high collar which covered her neck.
Timeskip Arc

Kagura's Assassin disguiseEdit

Kagura as an assisin of the assisin of assisins
During the Glasses Arc Kagura's Hair tied in a short ponytail and her outfits wearing red yukata ends of the sleeves, worn so that his arm only goes through the left sleeve.
Glasses Arc

Kagura's SwimsuitEdit

In Episode 217 she wearing her swim suit at indoor edo waterpark.
Episode 217

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