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Jugem Jugem's full name is Jugemu Jugemu Unko Nageki Ototoi no Shin-chan no Pantsu Shinpachi no Jinsei Balmunk Fezarion Isaac Schneider San Bun no Ichi no Junjou na Kanjou no Nokotta San Bun no Ni wa Sakamuke ga Kininaru Kanjou Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru you de Shiranai no wo Boku wa Shitteiru Rusu Surume Medaka Kazunoko Koedame Medaka... Kono Medaka wa Sakki to Chigau Yatsu Dakara Ikeno Medaka no Hou Dakara Raa-yuu Yuuteimiyaouki Mukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe Bichiguso Maru. Translated into English, the name would be Jugem-Jugem Poop Throwing Machine Shin-chan’s Day Before Yesterday Underwear Shinpachi’s Life Balmunk Fezarion Isaac Schneider One Thirds Pure Feeling Two Thirds Worried-Over-A-Hangnail Feeling Though Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It? I Know The Unknown The Cuttlefish Tastes Kind Of Different Than It Did Last Time Because It Was Caught Near The Pond And Served With Oil From A Hoofed Mammal, Pepepepepepepepepepepe Runny Diarrhea. He is a trained monkey which belongs to Yagyuu Kyuubei. She was in charge of raising and training him, though as Jugem loved Kyuubei and seemed to be unhappy when he wasn't with her, he became her own pet.


Jugem is a small monkey has light brown fur, his black and his wear a red collar with a bell.


Jugem Jugem is a mischievous monkey who enjoys throwing his excrements on people he generally hates, especially on Gintoki. Jugem is also very intelligent, as he released monkeys from a zoo to hamper Yagyuu clan's searchings.


Friends & allies


  • Sakata Gintoki: He has great deal of hatred towards Gintoki. Every time he see's him, he'll throw his excrements on him.
  • Sadaharu: Monkeys and dogs don't get along well as witnessed in Kintama arc.


Jugem Arc

Jugem Jugem is first introduced as unnamed monkey in this arc. He was originally owned by Soyo Hime after her female pet monkey gave birth and died. Soyo Hime gave this monkey to Lord Mori Mori. Jugem Jugem was raised without his mother and as the result, he become uncontrolled and caused much trouble at Shogun's castle.

Later, Koshinori instructed Kyuubei to tame Jugem Jugem for Lord Mori Mori's sake by the order of the Shogun, but she didn't know the monkey's name. Kyuubei then asked help from Yorozuya Gin-Chan and Shimura Tae to suggest a name for the monkey. Thanks to Kyuubei after mixing up all the name suggestions from debating between Yorozuya, Tae and herself, the monkey obtained it's ridiculous long name. Despite the long and complicated name, Kyuubei remembers it completely.

Kintama Arc


  • Jugemu Jugemu is a parody of the Japanese folklore and rakugo "Jugemu". In the folklore, the parents to a newborn could not decide on the child's name, instead, they combined all of the chief priests' idea into a single name, which resulted into an extremely long name similar to Jugemu Jugemu.
  • In Episode 227 reveals he is voiced by the same voice actress who voiced Himeko from Sket Dance, Ryoko Shiraishi, thus triggered Himeko to say Jugemu's full name.

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