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Jouishishi group
Jouishishi 攘夷志士

Jouishishi 攘夷志士 -

  • Jou 攘 literally means 'expel'
  • I 夷 is a derogatory term for 'foreigner' or 'barbarian'
  • Combined the phrase literally means 'expel-the-foreigners'
  • Shishi 志士 means 'patriot', though in the Gintama context 'rebel' may be more appropriate

There are actually a number of different factions within the Jouishishi rebellion, some more extremist than others. Katsura's faction grew moderate as the anime progressed, from the the initial opening scene in Episode 5 where Katsura used terrorist-like tactics like time bombs liberally, to the Benizakura Chapter Episode 61 where he pleaded with Takasugi Shinsuke that there must be other ways of changing the world other than destroying it all. However, he was still happy to deploy bombs liberally against Shinsengumi 真選組.

Their anti-government and/or terrorist activities made them the arch nemesis of the Shinsengumi 真選組, who had made it their mission to wipe out the rebellion movement. However, the extremist factions are known to have secret dealings with the Bakufu government, for example in Episodes ?.verification/corroboration needed

According to Katsura, Hashida Kahei 橋田 賀兵衛 supports Joui factions and holds a lot power.


Katsura Faction 桂一派

Moderate Factions
Katsura faction is perhaps one of the famous Joui factions along with Kiheitai. They were an extremist faction usings bombing and explosive until Katsura changed their ways thanks to Gintoki and other people in Edo. Now they use peaceful methods but in episode 219, Katsura planned a petty operation where they plan to head over to Shinsengumi headquarters and turn the toilet paper roll backwards. They all carry a Nmaibo bar as a smokebomb or use Takeshi's Super Monkey Adventure as a throwing object.
Within Katsura's faction, as part of his recruitment policy he conducts "Jouishishi Employment Examination" 攘夷志士採用試験 for candidates who wish to join his faction. The examinations comprise face-to-face interview, written examination and for those who pass the afore-mentioned 2 parts, they can proceed to the practical examination, conducted by Jouishishi's in-house trainer called Dragon Leader, assisted by Debugon and Katsura Kotarou himself. The entire examination sequence was showcased in Episode 109.
A shogun Shige Shige took an interest with this faction, he and Katsura becomes rival with a same path on restoring Edo from corruptions, deeming if one of between thse two dies first, one will look over the Edo's peace, such as from Tendoshu and a corrupted inner circle within the Bakufu. This is the first Joui faction to gain a respect from Shige Shige, and sees him worthy to be as a Shogun, thus no longer have no interest killing him, instead beating him in a rivalry ways.
With Shige Shige is dead because of the assassin sent by Nobu Nobu and Tendoshu to poisoned him into dying state. Katsura and his faction honors Shige Shige's wisdom for having a same purpose on restoring Edo in a peaceful way. Also the same time during Nobu Nobu's tyranny, Katsura's faction not only gained a respect from Shige Shige, also one of Shige Shige's rightful enforcers, such as Mimawarigumi and Shinsengumi, to put an end a sudden return of corrupted Bakufu led by Nobu Nobu, since it became similar during a time of Sada Sada's rule, and Tendoshu's tyrannies.

Katsura mug
Katsura Kotarou
桂 小太郎
Elizabeth mug
Jackiechan cameo
Dragon Leader
Samohung cameo

Kiheitai 鬼兵隊

Extremist Factions
Kiheitai 鬼兵隊 literally means "Army of Demon Soldiers". Resurrected from the 義勇軍 gi yuu gun (volunteer army) from the Joui Wars, this is an extremist group that stops at nothing in its mission to 'destroy the world', quoting the leader Takasugi Shinsuke 高杉 晋助.

Takasugi mug
Takasugi Shinsuke
高杉 晋助
Kawakami mug
Kawakami Bansai
河上 万斉
Matako mug
Kijima Matako
来島 また子
Takechi mug
Takechi Henpeita
武市 变平太
Okada-nizou mug
Okada Nizou
岡田 似蔵
Hiraga-saburou mug
Hiraga Saburou
平賀 三郎


Extremist Factions
Apparently they hold a similiar amount of influence like Katsura. After Katsura and Gintoki destroyed the Tenseikyou drugs and defeated the Harusame, Kaitendou knew Kinya 禽夜 was involved and they planned to assassinate him. The Shinsengumi protectd Kinya even though they hated him. The plan foiled as Kondo covered a bullet for Kinya and the Shinsegumi defeated Kaitendou.

Placeholder other

Mamushi マムシ

Extremist Factions
Banzou was building up an army of Joui Patriots by recruiting former Jouishishi, he was planning on overthrowing the Bafuku. He was secretly developing weapons and Justaway in his factory. He recruited Sakata Gintoki and Kondo Isao which turned out the two were mostly responsible for destroying their operation.
The remaining Mamushi remnants tried to take over The Terminal with the remaining justaway.

Banzou mug

Tengudou 天狗堂

Extremist Factions
In episode 56, they held Terakado Tsuu 寺門 通 and other women as hostage and demanded the Shinsengumi to release their Jouishishi comrades along with the disbandment of the Shinsengumi. They demanded them to make curry for them and kill Kondo Isao but Yorozuya and Yamazaki put an end of their activity.

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Soukaitou 創界党

Extremist Factions
The original leader was Tendou Koda until he was killed by the Shinsengumi in the Rokkaku Inn incident. They originally planned to set fires around Edo as a distraction so they can assassinate the Shogun. The first devision led by Okita Sougo charged in Rokkaku Inn, there was 36 catastrophic death between the Soukai and Shinsengumi which only Tendou Soutatsu, Okita Sougo and Kamiyama survived. Tendou Soutatsu would become the next leader and plans to kill Sougo for revenge by using Rokkaku Kirie.

Tendou Soutatsu
Tendou Soutatsu
天堂 蒼達
Placeholder other
Tendou Koda
天堂 紅達
Placeholder other
Rokkaku Muneharu
六角 宗春

Akatsuki 暁

Extremist Factions
Tanaka Kohei also known as Kohei the Manslayer is the leader of the Akatsuki faction. He was surrounded by 40 Bafuku Officials and was able to kill 7 before being captured.

Placeholder other
Tanaka Kohei

Blues Crew

Extremist Factions
They tried to take over Great Edo Hills building along with Matsudaira Kuriko and others as a hostage.

Placeholder other

Check It Out

Extremist Factions
They used to be a thug gang that disses the Bafuku with their rap but after continued strife and expansion, they transformed into a group of radical rebels.

Placeholder other
Check it Out Gang Leader
Sasaki Tetsunosuke
Sasaki Tetsunosuke


Extremist Factions
They disguise as Bafuku police to kidnap Soyohime but their plan foiled as Yorozuya saves the day with melons.

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Placeholder other
Narasaki Donbei
楢崎 鈍兵衛

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